Rambus Upgrades DDR5 PMIC Portfolio For Servers, Enables Support For Higher Bandwidth, Capacities & Channels

Rambus Upgrades DDR5 PMIC Portfolio For Servers, Enables Support For Higher Bandwidth, Capacities & Channels

Rambus has upgraded its DDR5 PMIC lineup for servers with three new offerings that allow for improved performance and support for capabilities.

DDR5 DRAM for servers will improve in all possible ways with new Rambus PMIC options, up to 12V “extreme current” devices.

News for the newspaper: Rambus, a premier chip and silicon IP provider that makes data faster and safer, today announced the availability of its new family of state-of-the-art DDR5 server power management ICs (PMICs), an industry-leading Includes extreme current device. – Performance applications. With this new family of server PMICs, Rambus offers module manufacturers a complete DDR5 RDIMM memory interface chipset that supports a wide range of data center use cases.

  • I2C and I3C basic bus serial interface support
  • Meets all JESD300-5 performance specifications for I2C up to 1MHz or higher
    12.5MHz for I3C basic bus serial interface
  • Parity Error Check and Packet Error Check (PEC) function
  • In-band interrupt (IBI) support
  • The VIN_Bulk input is operational at 4.25V to 15V.
  • The VIN_Mgmt input is operational at 3V to 3.6V.
  • Four step-down switching regulators (SWA, SWB, SWC, and SWD) and
    3 LDO regulators (VBias, VOUT_1.8V, VOUT_1.0V)
  • Write conservation and programmable methods of operation.
  • The I2C bus operates at 1.0V to 3.3V nominal I/O levels.
  • The I3C core bus operates at 1.0V, 1.1V, and 1.2V nominal I/O levels.
  • Dynamic driver switching capability for I3C core bus operation between push-pull
    And the open drain
  • -100C to +1250C operation
  • 35-pin thermally enhanced FCQFN package

The PMIC is a key component in the DDR5 memory architecture, enabling more memory channels, higher capacity modules, and higher bandwidth. The Rambus DDR5 server PMIC family includes JEDEC Extreme Current (PMIC5020), High Current (PMIC5000), and Low Current (PMIC5010) specifications.

The industry-leading Rambus PMIC5020 will enable future generations of DDR5 RDIMMs to deliver new standards for performance and capacity. This new family of Rambus server PMICs, along with Rambus DDR5 RCD, SPD Hub, and Temperature Sensor ICs, comprise a complete memory interface chipset for a wide range of DDR5 RDIMM configurations and use cases. With more than 30 years of high-performance memory experience, Rambus offers RDIMM manufacturers a one-stop shop for DDR5 memory interface chips, providing the highest level of validation assurance and fastest turnaround time on the market.

Availability and more information

The Rambus DDR5 PMIC5020, PMIC5000, and PMIC5010 are now available. Learn more about Rambus DDR5 memory interface chips at https://www.rambus.com/ddr5.

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