Qualcomm Snapdragon X CPUs Debut On 24th April: Lenovo, HP & More To Showcase Oryon-Powered Laptops

Qualcomm Snapdragon X CPUs Debut On 24th April: Lenovo, HP & More To Showcase Oryon-Powered Laptops

Qualcomm has teased its Snapdragon X CPU launch for April 24 on social media platform X.

The era of high-end and raw AI performance is finally here, with Qualcomm Snapdragon X CPUs to take on x86 and ARM heavyweights like Apple, Intel and AMD.

It looks like Qualcomm's finally set the stage for its upcoming and latest Snapdragon X CPUs. The Snapdragon X SKUs aim to revolutionize the PC (specifically AI PC) market, especially the AI ​​segment, through its impressive performance and a high-speed dedicated AI engine, which will help drive edge AI computing. There is and much more accordingly. The company has officially shown it to the tech press.

In a recent post, we talked about Snapdragon. X CPUs stack up against Intel Meteor Lake. Competitors, and to our surprise, Qualcomm emerged as the winner against many Core Ultra CPUs but we still advise users to wait for independent reviews as there are some outliers that we have come across. These cherry-picked benchmarks are discussed and identified.

For a quick rundown, the Snapdragon X CPU lineup will come in a variety of configurations, starting with the top-end with a 12-core count and lower-end “X Plus” models ranging from four cores to ten cores. We have not received confirmation about the official details. So, we can't tell you the details yet, but ultimately, expect the Snapdragon X Elite to be a very competitive platform in the markets, and despite being Qualcomm's first foray into the CPU segment, it's sure to be a formidable one. Will be. The SKUs rumored to be released based on previous Maru leaks are:

  • X Elite X1E84100
  • X Elite X1E80100
  • X Elite X1E78100
  • X Elite X1E76100
  • X Plus X1P64100
  • X Plus X1P62100
  • X Plus X1P56100
  • X Plus X1P40100

Well, now that we know when to expect Qualcomm's CPUs to hit the markets, exciting times are ahead. I'm more excited about the AI ​​performance with these SKUs because we love the comparison between the respective core performances.


As for the product, X Elite CPUs in Lenovo's upcoming Snapdragon Yoga and ThinkPad laptops have already been leaked., and it's only a matter of time before others follow. The company is planning to unveil the Snapdragon X Elite a few days before its official announcement, while HP is also planning to unveil it Allegedly is going to bring a new high-end Dragon series of thin and light business laptops with Snapdragon X CPUs. Below are the models we know so far:

  • HP Dragon Snapdragon Edition Business
  • Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 14 Snapdragon Edition
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T14S “Snapdragon Edition”

We can expect more companies to unveil their respective models with different configurations and price points at the April 24 launch event.

News Source: Qualcomm

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