Privateer acquires Orbital Insight

Privateer acquires Orbital Insight

Privateer, a leading space situational awareness company, has made a significant move by acquiring Orbital Insight, a renowned geospatial data analysis firm. The acquisition, combined with a $56.5 million Series A funding round, underscores Privateer's commitment to expanding its capabilities and providing comprehensive solutions for understanding both space-based and ground-based activities.

Prior to the acquisition, Privateer specialized in monitoring objects in space, while Orbital Insight focused on tracking activity on Earth. By combining their respective expertise, Privateer aims to offer an end-to-end solution for customers to gain insight into both space and ground domains.

Founded in 2013 in Palo Alto, California, Orbital Insight has established itself as a leader in geospatial intelligence by leveraging data from terrestrial sources such as satellite, aircraft, and cell phone locations. Its flagship platform, TerraScope, analyzes diverse datasets to provide valuable insights into various phenomena, ranging from traffic patterns to economic indicators during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The acquisition allows the company to leverage Orbital Insight's advanced analytics capabilities and broad customer base, which includes prestigious organizations such as the US Air Force, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and S&P Global. With Orbital Insight's expertise on board, Privateer is poised to expand its offerings and meet the broader needs of customers across multiple sectors.

Privateer's flagship product, Wayfinder, is a visualization tool that aggregates data from US Space Command and satellite operators, providing users with real-time insight into space activity. By combining Wayfinder with Orbital Insight's TerraScope platform, Privateer aims to create a comprehensive data engine capable of providing unparalleled intelligence across all domains, from ocean to space.

The synergy between Privateer and Orbital Insight paves the way for innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries, enabling customers to make informed decisions based on comprehensive and actionable intelligence. As Privateer embarks on this new chapter, the possibilities for leveraging space-based and Earth observation data are truly endless, promising exciting advances in the field of space situational awareness.

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