Prime Day Presale Begins! Save 7 on GEEKOM IT13 i9-13900H Mini PC

Prime Day Presale Begins! Save $127 on GEEKOM IT13 i9-13900H Mini PC

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a gamer, or even a content creator looking for a compact mini PC that can handle high performance demands, GEEKOM Mini PC The 13th generation Intel Core i9 processor may be for you. The GEEKOM Mini PC IT13 is perfect for users looking for a product that is a comprehensive computing solution, powerful processing and compact as well. What makes the device even more attractive is the huge discount offered as part of Prime Day.

Don't want to waste time? Here's the deal info for both the US and UK markets!

gave IT13 i9-13900H 32GB+2TB Mini PC It originally cost $849 in the US market, but with the current Prime Day deal, you can get $127 off just by using the code. WCCFTECHIT13. With the ongoing discount, you can save on this amazing 13th-Gen Mini PC $721 The deal on Amazon starts today and is valid until July 14., So if you have been planning to buy a powerful computer but couldn't because of the hefty price tag, you better hurry.

GEEKOM Mini IT13 Prime Day special discount is also available. From Amazon UK. The PC retailed originally at £849, but with a staggering £127 off code WCCFTECHIT13you can buy it for just £721. The discount code remains the same for both markets, and the deal similarly ends on July 14.

Why the GEEKOM Mini IT13 is worth buying this summer.

The mini PC form factor is ideal for users looking for a space-saving alternative to conventional desktops. It can serve multiple uses that demand relatively high energy efficiency and a powerful processor. In particular, GEEKOM Mini IT13 caught our eye due to the following prominent features.

  • High performance: Despite its compact size, the Mini IT 13 is powered by the latest 13th generation Intel Core i9-13900H processor. It comes with 14 cores and 20 threads, which allows the mini PC to run heavy programs smoothly and seamlessly. The chip's ability to handle multiple tasks makes its performance outstanding.
  • Fast processor: The processing speed of a mini PC is faster than a conventional PC or even higher, as it can process data at 5.40 GHz, making its performance and immediacy unmatched. The faster processing can also be attributed to the 24MB cache memory that helps store frequently used data, resulting in a smoother computing experience for users.
  • Energy Efficiency: The Mini IT13 series is more energy efficient than your desktop as it typically only uses 90 watts for any purpose, be it gaming, office use, or even basic business and editing tasks. . They will rely on much less power to carry out demanding day-to-day tasks and save power.
  • Extended Memory: This GEEKOM mini computer can handle many tasks at once at great speed, and there is an option to add more storage if your files require more memory. The PC comes with 32 GB of RAM clocked at 3200 MHz, which allows for faster processing. With the inclusion of dual-channel, the overall RAM speed is doubled, allowing for an expandable system up to 64GB.
  • Faster and bigger storage space: Mini PC storage space Quite spacious, going up to 2TB, and can handle large files with ease. Compared to Gen 3, Gen 4's SSD storage has improved significantly and can handle faster processing and data transfer, resulting in higher overall performance.
  • Impressive graphics and display Abilities: The i9 Mini PC supports multiple monitors as it can handle two 8K displays and two 4K displays for tasks that require multiple screens and make the visual experience more immersive with life-like displays. To make The built-in Intel Iris Xe processor delivers high-quality visuals and enhances multi-monitor support. With two modern USB4.0 ports that have a refresh rate of 30Hz and two HDMI ports at 60Hz, graphics are sharper as they promote higher resolution visuals.

GEEKOM i9 Mini PC also features advanced WiFi-6E, which improves connectivity speed and reduces latency. Offering WiFi 6E wireless three-band options (2.5G/5G/6G), the i9 mini PC has internet connectivity that's far more stable, faster, and doesn't involve latency, resulting in faster overall response times. happens. gave The capabilities are not limited to the wireless band. Also included is the option of a 2.5GB Ethernet port for wired connections, which significantly improves Internet connectivity and speed. Connectivity advancements extend to Bluetooth support, and the 5.2 version allows other devices, such as headsets or even keyboards, to connect more easily and quickly.

The GEEKOM Mini IT13 is not just a power-packed PC, but a sustainable technology that actively promotes energy efficiency.

The GEEKOM Mini IT13 is undoubtedly a smooth, immersive computing experience that can be used in a variety of settings. It is also designed to use energy more efficiently and save electricity, ensuring minimum emissions and reducing waste with the help of sustainable technology.

It is clear that the GEEKOM Mini IT13 NUC13 i9 mini PC provides a comprehensive computing solution and can handle multiple demands efficiently, but that is not the best part. gave Current advancements make computers far more affordable. (Amazon UK), and now is the time to get the compact, power-packed upgrade you've been planning. Hurry now to grab the discount and take advantage of the summer sale until July 14.

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