Perform at your peak with a new class of PCs from Microsoft

Perform at your peak with a new class of PCs from Microsoft

Technology always improves rapidly, but the last few years have been different. From the acceleration of AI to new battery technologies, we've entered a new golden age.

Now you can have all the latest high-performance tech in your hands with your new slate. PC from Microsoft. Whether you're gaming, studying, working, or creating, pre-order one of the new Copilot+ PCs to reach performance peaks that previously felt out of reach. was

Maximize productivity with next-generation performance.

The new Microsoft Copilot+ PCs are powered by Snapdragon X Elite and Plus processors for ultra-fast performance. When we say fast, we mean it. gave Surface Laptop 86% faster than Surface Laptop 5. Surface Pro 11th Edition 90% faster than the Surface Pro 9.

With faster processing power, you can make the most of Copilot+ AI tools, including the very useful Recall function that helps you quickly find the document you're looking for. . You can also create detailed drawings, summarize handwritten notes, automatically generate live captions, and more.

Batteries that go the distance.

Laptop batteries are getting progressively better over time. With this new class, we've officially reached a point where you can comfortably leave home without a charger and know your computer will go the distance. The Surface Laptop offers up to 20 hours of video playback, while the Surface Pro offers 14 hours — enough to get you through the day or on a long-haul flight.

Built-in cyber security

As cybercriminals get smarter, so does privacy and security technology. Microsoft's latest PCs have several built-in security features that will help keep you safe.

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Facial recognition keeps your device more secure when it's locked, while the pre-installed chip-to-cloud security system, Microsoft Pluto, keeps your data safe from hackers online and in person. These features work together with Microsoft Defender to help protect all your devices from threats.

Microsoft's Copilot+ PCs are now available for pre-order.

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