PC and Laptop Repairs

Things have changed—quite a lot! Computers are at the centre of our lives, and we couldn’t be happier. Sitting in front of our laptops for several hours to deliver a task, surf the internet or while away time playing games is not uncommon. But when your laptop breaks down, who do you run to?

Looking for a PC and laptop repairs near me might not readily come easy—I mean a reliable repair service. For most people, computer repairs can be a serious headache.

Regardless of your location, finding a laptop repair service shouldn’t be that hard. You can set off by asking friends and family for recommendations or even visit online repair services—they come in their numbers—and look out for PC and laptop repair near me. Check their reviews; that way, you will have an understanding of their clients’ satisfaction and their experience.

There is no need to cry foul when you need computer repairs, do the needful and get your laptop back on track, there are always PC and laptop repairs near me to help you out.

We are Leicester’s leading computer repair centre and IT services provider

We have repaired thousands of computers and laptops over the years

Your PC has broken down and you want it fixed by a team that you can trust to do a really good job. You also want unbeatable value for money and excellent customer service. That team is here at Woodgate Computers your very own computer repair centre.

My computer does absolutely nothing when I switch the power on.

Maybe your power supply has failed. We provide only top-quality replacement power supplies for all makes of computer systems. Beware of cheap power supply units. When they fail, they can take your whole machine with it. We only supply original power supplies with active protection circuitry which protects the components inside your computer in the event of a power supply failure.


If your computer has any of the following symptoms it may be infected with spyware.

  • Random toolbars, links or favourites appearing in your web browser.
  • Home page, mouse pointer or search function change unexpectedly.
  • After entering a website address, you’re taken to an unrelated one.
  • You see pop-up ads, even if your computer isn’t connected to the Internet.
  • Your computer suddenly starts running slowly.

After you run a spyware program to delete active spyware files, you are still left with references to those files in your computer registry. These traces will clog your registry over time, leaving your computer vulnerable to failure. We can eliminate all the leftover traces of spyware and scan your registry for possible problems, saving you from future headaches.

My computer is running really slow what’s going on?

There are many reasons that a computer will run slow. It could be a virus infection, spyware infection or even a hard disk problem. You might have completely up to date anti-virus software installed and still be infected. We’ve seen it many times.

Drop your machine to our experts and we’ll let you know what needs to be done. Remember, we have fixed prices to repair your computer, no hourly rates so costs will not spiral out of hand.

Physical Damage

Problems can arise for your laptop through wear and tear, however, sometimes accidents will happen. For instance, by a drop, knock or liquid spills. Having a broken laptop and being out of action can leave you feeling frustrated and lost without it. We can have you up and running in no time. Whatever the problem, our specialists will have the right solution.

Unwanted pop-up’s…

We have the experience, most recent tools and up-to-date information to combat these annoyances.

Registry Scan

Data becomes scattered with normal use as your computer will plug in data wherever it is most convenient at the time, filling holes left by programs that have moved. If your hard drive gets too cluttered, your computer may plug a new application into a half-dozen tiny slots. This partitioning makes loading time far longer. We can defragment your hard drive making your software programs run faster and by organizing your software, improve your computer’s boot time. Like any database, your registry will become cluttered and fragmented with use. Using the most up to date tools our specialist team of engineers can thoroughly and effectively scan your registry to find and fix any errors on your hard drive to enable it to run smoothly.

Woodgate Computers are Laptop Repair Experts!

Our certified engineers know all the major and minor brand models literally inside out: Dell, Toshiba, IBM / Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, Acer, Medion,Sony, Fujitsu Siemens and many, many more. Plus, we troubleshoot and repair all manner of hardware and software problems:

  • Faulty Motherboard
  • Virus / malware removal
  • Non-functioning / broken power jack
  • Broken keyboard and or missing keys
  • Liquid spills and other foreign objects
  • Upgrade memory / hard drive
  • LCD Screen Malfunction
  • Machine won’t start up
  • Blue screen
  • Error messages
  • Dead battery
  • Laptop overheating
  • Removal of dirt, dust, and grime.

Our most popular individual computer support services are:

  • Troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Virus Detection, Removal and Protection
  • Preventative Maintenance to stop things going wrong in the first place
  • Data Recovery and Backup
  • Hardware recommendation and supply – anything from a cable to an entire home IT system
  • Broadband Installation
  • New PC Set-up
  • Software Installation and Set-up
  • Upgrades software & hardware
  • DC Jack repair / replacement
  • Screen replacement
  • General Help and Advice

Don’t Trust Just Anybody to Repair Your Laptop.

Laptop computers are highly sensitive pieces of equipment, and we subject them to a lot of abuse. Designed to free us from office desk, we take them everywhere and use them for a wide range of tasks. Unintentionally, though, our laptops have to suffer all manner of rough handling, from drops, to spills to moisture to extreme heat and cold. Therefore, laptops are the most common pieces of hardware to malfunction. And because laptop parts are so small, specialised and delicate, laptop repair is often costly and complex. And not just anyone can do it.

Problems related with Electronic age

Computer, laptop or a mobile repair can be a very complex job for majority of people out there. These devices have become such an important part of our lives that it’s impossible to think of doing anything without them. It’s not an overstatement that your day will go to pieces if your computer is not working for some reason. In this modern era when nearly everybody is hinged on being connected while being at home, at their work and on the go, it is quite a problem to have electronics malfunction and then trying to find out what was that? Many people would say
“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”


Many people hire a computer repair firm for these jobs. Hiring a computer firm is not as simple as it seems. There are a lot of factors that have to be considered because you can’t take any chance with your computers or mobiles and the data contained in them. In these cases, Woodgate Computers is always there to help you.

Services we offer

Woodgate Computers offer a wide range of services. We not only provide solutions to conventional computer problems, you can acquire our services in any kind of electronic malfunction. We have complete set of computer solutions for every customer. It doesn’t matter if you are a simple home user or own a business. You can contact us if any of your hardware breaks or you have bugs in your

Brands we repair include

Apple Mac, Acer, Asus, Apple mac, Advent, Dell, Packard Bell, Gateway, HP, Sony Vaio, Compaq, E machines, E systems, Toshiba, Lenovo, IBM, Samsung, Medion, Zoostorm, Stone, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft.