Octomind raises $4.8M for AI-powered web testing

Octomind raises $4.8M for AI-powered web testing

German software company Octomind has secured $4.8 million in funding to revolutionize web testing using generative AI. Founded by Mark Mangler and Daniel Rodler, Octomind aims to automate the testing process for web applications, identifying and fixing bugs without human intervention.

Mengler and Roedler were inspired to create Octomind by their experiences in software development, where they encountered the challenges of manual quality assurance processes. Drawing on his expertise in AI and web app development, he developed Octomind's AI agent, which navigates websites, identifies potential problems, and automatically generates test code.

Octomind's approach combines AI's intuitive understanding of web applications with deterministic systems to ensure the reliability of generated test code. By simulating and recording user interactions, the AI ​​agent creates test scenarios without errors or “guessing”.

The funding round, led by Cherry Ventures and supported by notable angels such as Algolia's Sean Mullaney and Charlie Songhurst (formerly of Microsoft), demonstrates the potential of Octomind's solution to address a significant market need. does. According to Jasper Masemann of Cherry Ventures, Octomind has the potential to transform software testing, a task often frowned upon by developers, into a streamlined and efficient process.

The investment will enable Octomind to further develop its AI-based testing platform, which will increase stability and reliability in web application testing.

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