NVIDIA's AI GPU Shortage Is Finally Over As Supply Steadies, Delivery Times Down To 8-12 Weeks

NVIDIA's AI GPU Shortage Is Finally Over As Supply Steadies, Delivery Times Down To 8-12 Weeks

NVIDIA's AI GPU supply has finally improved, as its primary customer, Dell, reports significant reductions in AI server delivery times.

Dell witnesses big drop in AI server delivery times for NVIDIA's AI GPU lineup, thanks to improved supply chain

We all know how The AI ​​GPU shortage took the industry by storm from 2023. That was the year when AI began to take off, resulting in explosive demand but limited supply. This disrupted the supply chain, causing companies such as NVIDIA will face a huge order backlog.This led to a massive increase in delivery times. However, Dell Taiwan's general manager is optimistic about future supply, claiming that the firm has seen a 50% reduction in delivery times for its AI servers, thanks to the improved conditions. , which has dropped from 40 weeks to just 8- 12 weeks.

Taiwan Economic Daily A Dell official is reported to have revealed that the company is experiencing massive demand for its AI servers. As a result, Involved partners such as Westron And LITE-ON has achieved huge revenue due to massive order flow. Dell has managed to capture 24.5 percent of the mainstream AI server market share, and they don't seem to be stopping yet, as the official believes that Dell will emerge as a leading company in this segment.

Talking about the reason behind the delivery times, the official revealed that NVIDIA has seen massive improvements recently, crediting the firm's efforts. Diversifying its supply chain By adding new partners, especially for its packaging production. Furthermore, existing suppliers such as TSMC have massively increased their production capacities. With such collective efforts, supply has become much stronger, resulting in overall positive growth in AI markets.

Flaws in NVIDIA's supply chain in the early days resulted in the company not being able to properly capitalize on the hype, but now it looks like Team Green has come a long way from that problem. With the release of Futuristic architectures like BlackwellHopefully, we are going to witness a much better situation.

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