NVIDIA Working With Partners To Create New SFF Gaming PC Ecosystem Powered By “SFF Enthusiast GeForce” GPUs

NVIDIA Working With Partners To Create New SFF Gaming PC Ecosystem Powered By “SFF Enthusiast GeForce” GPUs

NVIDIA is working with its partners to create a new SFF gaming PC ecosystem powered by “SFF Enthusiast GeForce” GPUs.

NVIDIA wants to help SFF PC makers choose the best components under its new initiative, featuring “SFF inspired GeForce” GPUs.

The SFF or Small Form Factor segment is popular among PC gamers for several reasons. Not only does this save space, but builders can put together some creative rigs to meet their gaming needs. While the industry has seen a lot of support for the SFF PC segment in the form of DIY components, there isn't a definitive list of guidelines for what hardware pairs best with each other. But NVIDIA is trying to do just that with its new initiative.

We've learned that NVIDIA is working with its partners, including not only AICs (graphics card makers) but also chassis, PSU, manufacturers, etc., to bring together components that will build SFF. Suitable for Why this is so important is because SFF builds are generally more limited when we compare them to traditional builds. It's a matter of space constraints, airflow and right PSU selection.

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NVIDIA will develop SFF guidelines that will be sent to its partners and ultimately help gamers build these compact PCs. The guidelines will include the creation of a standard for AICs and chassis manufacturers based on dimensions and clearances between enthusiast GPUs and SFF PC chassis. The main description of the new ecosystem is as follows:

Enthusiasts around the world are choosing small form factor chassis for their dream rigs.

However, when building around modern enthusiast GPUs, finding the best components for a SFF (Small Form Factor) build can be difficult.

NVIDIA has developed form factor guidelines to help gamers choose the best GeForce RTX GPU and components for SFF builds.

These guidelines provide dimensions and clearances between enthusiast graphics cards and SFF chassis, helping to make building SFF gaming PCs a seamless experience for AIC and chassis manufacturers.

Now you might be wondering if this opens up space for more Mini-ITX and compact NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs. Well, the answer is both yes and no. You see, NVIDIA won't offer a compact variant of its own as this is largely a partner-driven program, but partners are free to experiment with their own solutions to offer GPUs that comply with the “SFF Enthusiast GeForce” label. do

The labels will be applied to both existing and new AICs graphics cards so we can expect the GeForce RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti series to be the first to adopt this new standard as a true compact ITX (SFF) solution. But the “SFF-inspired GPU” label isn't limited to ITX options.

Image source: NVIDIA

There are also enthusiast GPUs that can be accommodated in SFF PC chassis that support 3-slot wide cards. The new move will encourage partners to innovate around high-performance graphics cards that can be paired with ITX motherboards inside SFF PCs and bodes well for the entire PC segment. Currently, there is no exact date as to when we will see the program go live but it will be made official soon so stay tuned for more information and announcements.

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