NVIDIA To Ship Millions Of Blackwell GPUs, Propelling TSMC CoWoS & HBM DRAM Demand To New Levels

NVIDIA To Ship Millions Of Blackwell GPUs, Propelling TSMC CoWoS & HBM DRAM Demand To New Levels

of NVIDIA Blackwell AI GPUs CoWoS (TSMC) and HBM are expected to lift every other relevant segment, including DRAM, as the market expects to ship millions of chips by 2025.

The HBM and chip packaging industry will grow exponentially in the next year thanks to NVIDIA's Blackwell AI GPUs, with huge amounts to ship in 2025.

Trend force reports that the latest NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs for AI are poised to become the industry's next “holy grail” as the performance they bring to markets has attracted the attention of several major clients. It includes GB 200 super cheapThat is estimated to account for 40% to 50% of NVIDIA's Blackwell supply by 2025. So, replicating NVIDIA's success, millions of units of Blackwell GPUs will be produced. Hopper line-up.

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However, with this significant increase in demand, NVIDIA-affiliated supply firms will have a strong year in market demand. Therefore, firms like TSMC and others will have to expand existing facilities.

The supply chain has high expectations for the GB200, with shipments estimated to exceed hundreds of thousands of units by 2025, potentially accounting for around 40 to 50 percent of NVIDIA's high-end GPU market.

Trend force

It is reported that TSMC's CoWoS (Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate) capacity is expected to reach 40,000 units by the end of 2024, marking a 150% year-on-year increase, thanks to strong demand. is facing A giant from Taiwan. Moreover, for other AI products as well, CoWoS technology plays an important role, which means that the packaging segment will see significant growth.

In addition to CoWoS markets, NVIDIA's Blackwell GPUs are expected to drive the HBM segment to new heights as well, especially with the pending generation switch from HBM3 to HBM3e DRAM that we see NVIDIA and others Competitors are still waiting for it to become a mainstream product. .

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Additionally, with the debut of NVIDIA's Blackwell AI GPUs such as the GB200, B200, and B100, the adoption rate of HBM3e will increase significantly, not to mention capacity upgrades. which is expected to reach 192 GB and 288 GB by the end of 2024.

Future AI markets will be significantly different from existing markets, and not just because of market hype. Still, the revenue streams this time around will be huge, as genAI and AGI have seen massive adoption recently, driving both the computing and client segments.

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