NVIDIA To Collaborate With Japan On Their Cutting-Edge ABCI-Q Quantum Supercomputer

NVIDIA To Collaborate With Japan On Their Cutting-Edge ABCI-Q Quantum Supercomputer

NVIDIA is set to help Japan build the country's hybrid quantum supercomputer, fueled by the immense power of its HPC and AI GPUs.

Japan is making rapid progress in the areas of quantum and AI computing, with large-scale development supported by NVIDIA's AI and HPC infrastructure.

Nicky Asia Reports that the National Institute of Advanced Industrial and Technology (AIST), Japan, is building a quantum supercomputer to potentially excel in this particular class. The new project is called ABCI-Q and is powered entirely by NVIDIA's high-speed and quantum computing platforms, which points to higher efficiency and performance results out of the system. The Japanese supercomputer will also be built in collaboration with Fujitsu.

Dive into what we can expect with Japan's ABCI-Q, NVIDIA said in a statement. First blog post that the firm plans to integrate its NVIDIA CUDA-Q platform into the system. The platform is an open source resource that allows users to exploit quantum classical applications. CUDA-Q will act as an integral part of the supercomputer, making it easy to add relevant CPUs and GPUs onboard. Additionally, Team Green plans to accommodate 2,000 of NVIDIA's H100 AI GPUs, which utilize the latest NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand interconnects.

Researchers need high-performance simulations to tackle the toughest problems in quantum computing. CUDA-Q and NVIDIA H100 equip pioneers like ABCI to make significant advances and accelerate the development of quantum-integrated supercomputing.

– Tim Costa, Director of HPC and Quantum Computing, NVIDIA

Japan's ABCI-Q supercomputer is part of the country's technological innovation phase, where it plans to take advantage of current-generation technologies such as quantum computing and AI to excel in mainstream consumer industries. can be obtained A few months ago, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang met with Japan's President Fumio Kishida., and the two talked about increasing cooperation in multiple fields and the continued supply of AI equipment for Japan's needs. The unveiling of ABCI-Q is just one more step towards a broader relationship between Japan and NVIDIA.

News Source: Nicky Asia

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