NVIDIA Starts Testing Its Next-Gen Cooling Modules For GeForce RTX 50 “Blackwell” Gaming GPUs

NVIDIA Starts Testing Its Next-Gen Cooling Modules For GeForce RTX 50 “Blackwell” Gaming GPUs

NVIDIA is currently testing and confirming its upcoming cooling modules for the next generation of GeForce RTX 50 “Blackwell” gaming GPUs. These GPUs are expected to debut in the latter part of the year, likely appearing in late Q3 and launching in Q4. Recent speculation suggests that NVIDIA will initially introduce the GeForce RTX 5080, followed by the GeForce RTX 5090, indicating a very ambitious market preference before hitting the mainstream segment.

According to a recent report by Bench life, it appears that NVIDIA has completed preparations for the cooling solution for its next-generation RTX 50 GPUs. Information gathered from GPU cooling equipment manufacturers indicates that NVIDIA is currently engaged in early testing and validation of cooling solutions and modules designed for use with GeForce RTX 50 “Blackwell” gaming GPUs.

The plan outlines four phases, suggesting an initial emphasis on the ultra-enthusiast segment, followed by high-end, mainstream, and budget graphics cards within the GeForce RTX 50 gaming graphics card lineup. . Of particular note is the range of wattages being tested, with the 600W SKU being the highest and the 250W SKU being the lowest. Similar rumors circulate during the GeForce RTX 30 series, with TDPs expected to exceed 600W and reach 900W in prototype stages, but final designs generally prioritize power efficiency, resulting in The power consumption is significantly reduced.

Take the GeForce RTX 4090, for example, which boasts a 450W rating, yet its typical gaming power consumption hovers around 400W. This trend is consistent across the lineup. Interestingly, the entire Ada Lovelace “GeForce RTX 40” GPUs have proven to be more powerful than the previous Ampere generation. However, NVIDIA has a reputation for developing remarkable coolers during the prototype phase to push the limits of their gaming architecture to their limits.

Additionally, while NVIDIA is likely to unveil its GeForce RTX 50 “Blackwell” gaming GPUs this year, it's unlikely that AMD will introduce any Radeon RX 8000 chips in 2024, according to BenchLife. field for time.

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