NVIDIA & MediaTek Allegedly Working On Brand New SOC For Gaming Handhelds & Consoles

NVIDIA & MediaTek Allegedly Working On Brand New SOC For Gaming Handhelds & Consoles

NVIDIA and MediaTek may be working on a brand new SOC that will power gaming handhelds and consoles.

MediaTek's upcoming SOC may signal NVIDIA's return to the console segment, with gaming handhelds also in the works.

According to @XpeaGPU, it looks like we may soon see NVIDIA return to the console gaming segment. Laker says MediaTek is developing a next-generation gaming handheld SOC that will feature NVIDIA's GPU IP because the company sees good potential in the segment. It's also been reported that the SOC will be different from other semi-custom things that NVIDIA is working on with MediaTek and that several Chinese clients are already showing interest in these chips.

Just a few days ago, It was rumored that NVIDIA and MediaTek are going to introduce their new ARM-based SOCs. Which will tackle Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite CPUs in the laptop space. The chips are expected to be based on TSMC's 3nm process node and the design will be finalized by Q3 of this year (2024) with an expected launch in the first half of 2025.

Now this wouldn't be the first time we've heard of NVIDIA going the ARM route for custom SOCs for the AI ​​PC segment. Reports from last year already suggested that NVIDIA is working with MediaTek on these chips. and was leveraging TSMC's CoWoS packaging technology. This may explain the high price of $300 per unit that is currently rumored although we will have to wait and see if this is what the final chip should use.

NVIDIA also made it official during GTC 2024 that MediaTek's upcoming Dimensity SOCs will be used. The next-generation RTX and AI GPU IP is based on the Blackwell architecture.. These Dimensity SOCs are aimed at the automotive segment, but we can see how both companies are currently evaluating different opportunities. This brings us back to the topic of gaming and handheld consoles.

While NVIDIA is very relevant in the handheld gaming space thanks to the Nintendo Switch, the company also once had its own Shield handheld and Shield TV platforms, both of which used Tegra SOCs. NVIDIA also powered the original Xbox console and the Sony PS3 but since then, the traditional game console market has shifted entirely to AMD, using both its Zen and RDNA architectures. Even from the upcoming refreshes and variants Sony And Microsoft AMD will maintain the hardware.

But handheld gaming consoles are a market that has seen a big boom recently with the likes of AMD Ryzen Z1 APUs which are specially designed for these compact devices. Intel's Core Ultra CPUs have also found a place in this market. And it looks like NVIDIA, which has some previous experience with its Shield and Nintendo Switch SOCs, will once again try to enter this market. It will be interesting to see if NVIDIA manages to create a viable SOC for the gaming console and gaming handheld segment. Outside of Nintendo Switch Which uses custom design.

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