NVIDIA H100 AI GPUs See 10% Price Drop In Chinese Black Market Ahead of H200 Launch

NVIDIA H100 AI GPUs See 10% Price Drop In Chinese Black Market Ahead of H200 Launch

NVIDIA H100 AI GPUs have seen a huge price drop on China's black market as the launch of the next-generation H200 GPUs approaches.

Chinese users pay ridiculous prices to access “forbidden” NVIDIA H100 AI GPUs via black markets, over $350,000 for H100 AI servers

with the Strict US sanctionsthere was no way that individuals could access NVIDIA's latest AI products, and it eventually Black market in the region. This has made the NVIDIA H100 accessible in China at astronomical prices, with reports revealing that a unit retails for around 3 million yuan, or about $415,000, for which the H100 is initially available. . However, it is reported that with the expected debut New H200 AI GPUprices have seen a slight decline.

Taiwan Economic Daily reports that spot prices for NVIDIA's H100 AI GPUs are down about 10% as “black market” sellers try to clear existing inventory in anticipation of the upcoming NVIDIA H200 AI accelerator. The H100 currently retails in Hong Kong for around 2.6 million yuan in spot markets, which is around US$359,000, representing a 10% drop from the region's average. Well, this development clearly shows us that illegal markets are still very prevalent in China, and despite seeing limited access to next-generation technology, it has made its way into the country.

Another interesting fact to accompany this report is that the debut of NVIDIA's H200 AI GPU means we'll see the next-gen Hopper architecture drop in Chinese markets, and not just officially. Although in small quantities, Chinese AI firms will not see a complete blockade of AI chips. Instead, they can access specialized dealers to get the latest components, and we could see NVIDIA's H200s become popular again in China, not just like the H100s were, but with similar sentiments. shall be.

While next-generation AI chips are attractive, we've seen a massive decline in interest in world-renowned AI chips like NVIDIA in China. Local firms in the AI ​​race have turned to in-house alternatives because they are more accessible, cost less, and are ideal for low-to-medium estimation tasks, making them a viable alternative. . with Government subsidy planningwe could see massive adoption of in-house AI solutions, taking the likes of NVIDIA and Intel out of the equation.

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