NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs Estimated To Cost Up To $35,000, AI Servers Up To $3 Million As The Firm Gears Up For The Next “Gold Rush”

NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs Estimated To Cost Up To $35,000, AI Servers Up To $3 Million As The Firm Gears Up For The Next “Gold Rush”

NVIDIA's Blackwell GPUs are going to be the fastest AI chips the world has ever seen when they become available and also the most expensive yet.

NVIDIA's Blackwell B100 AI GPUs are estimated at around $30K-$40K per piece, with server costs in the millions!

NVIDIA's Blackwell products, including GPUs, Superchip platforms, and servers, are what every major tech firm wants in on the AI ​​hype, and it's no surprise that this specific architecture compared to the Hopper lineup. Will generate a lot of income.

We now have an estimate that reveals the expected prices for the upcoming components. According to analysts from HSBC, NVIDIA's Blackwell AI server rack will have a hefty price tag this time around, exceeding the $3 million mark. The price tags on AI accelerators, such as B100 GPUs, are also premium.

The news comes from a senior writer at Barron's @firstadopter, who cited HSBC's analysis of NVIDIA's Blackwell products. Starting with AI servers, a unit of the NVIDIA GB200 NVL36 server rack is expected to go for $1.8 million, while the higher-end NVL72 counterpart will cost $3 million. I also came up with this particular amount Our previous coverageso the actual data may not be far off.

Image Source: Dylan Martin (@DylanOnChips)

As for individual AI accelerators, HSBC says a B100 AI GPU is expected to sell for around $30,000 to $35,000, while GB200 Super Chips They will cost about $60,000 to $70,000 each. These superchips pack two GB100 GPUs and a single Grace Hopper chip with a large pool of system memory (HBM3E). These estimates are also in the same ballpark as the prices disclosed by Jensen himself..

Analyst estimates may not take into account real-time market conditions, buying volume, and many other factors. Therefore, the actual figures may be lower or higher depending on the type of buyer and the magnitude of the order.

Now, if we compare things generation to generation, the pricing is definitely a bump compared to the Hopper. If the Blackwell AI GPU architecture replicates the success of the Hopper GPUs as far as adoption goes, you can expect to see the kind of growth NVIDIA will witness in terms of market share and dominance. Who knows, maybe it will overtake the likes of Apple and Microsoft to top the list of the world's most valuable companies. So far, we've seen Companies like Meta place Blackwell orders.with both Microsoft and OpenAI in line, and that's just for the initial batch.

Amidst everything else, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang's masterstroke of identifying the AI ​​hype early on has really paid off. As they say, the team focuses on green Providing the best user and customer experience Instead of racing for computing power.

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