NuPhy Halo75 V2 Review — A Prebuilt Keyboard with All The Custom Goodness

NuPhy Halo75 V2 Review — A Prebuilt Keyboard with All The Custom Goodness

When I reviewed NuPhy Gem80I was convinced that I would never find a better keyboard, and I also believed that such an experience could only be possible if you made your own keyboard. However, NuPhy was quick to prove me wrong when they sent me the NuPhy Halo75 V2, a much more affordable keyboard than the Gem80, but something that's similar in many ways and even better in some ways. is better. If you're not looking to shell out upwards of $200 for a custom keyboard and still want a great experience, this might be the best choice because I'm a fan and you should be too.

The NuPhy Halo75 V2 is proof that NuPhy loves keyboards.

Now, the NuPhy Halo75 V2 joins the Halo lineup of keyboards, and if you're not familiar, the focus here is on RGB lighting and loads of it. I'll get to that later but one thing I realized when I took the board out of the box is how familiar it was. I quickly removed the keycap to find the Mint switches I installed on my Gem80, and after a quick typing test, I realized that despite the price difference, the two keyboards are one and the same. As are and considering how much voice and typing experience. There are two things most people want, NuPhy nailed both aspects.

Now, unboxing the NuPhy Halo75 V2 is a lot less glamorous than the Gem80. This keyboard comes in a single box instead of three separate boxes if you buy the whole set for the Gem80, so the box is also very light, and there aren't too many accessories. However, the unboxing experience never leaves you feeling like the company should have done more. This is classic NuPhy, and it shows.

All NuPhy Halo75 V2 variants come in color-matched boxes, which is a worthy attention to detail. I didn't request a color this time and Madison decided to send me the Mojito colorway, and honestly, I was pretty happy with it. Now, keep in mind that if it were up to me, I'd make everything black, but this is the first non-black keyboard I've seriously fallen in love with. The color is well done and it doesn't look tacky at any point. There's quite a contrast here, and you'd be hard pressed to dislike it.

The unboxing experience is relatively simple. Remove the top sleeve, open the bottom black box, remove the protective tray, and take out the NuPhy Halo75 V2 from its protective sleeve. You don't get the fancy microfiber treatment like you did with the Gem80, but hey, I'm not complaining.

The NuPhy Halo75 V2 comes with a standard set of accessories including a switch and keycap remover, a USB cable, an extra set of keycaps, extra switches, and a 2.4GHz dongle that can be placed on the back of the keyboard. can (underrated but extremely useful feature) I honestly can't really complain about the accessories provided here. You basically get everything you want in a pre-built keyboard without the headache of building one yourself.

The NuPhy Halo75 V2 also ships with three switches that the company provides. You get mint, lemon and raspberry swatches. The Mint switch is the lightest, with 37 grams of actuation force, and a linear type; Raspberry is also linear but heavier at 46 grams of activation force, Lemon is tactile and heaviest at 55 grams of activation force. NuPhy also offers Cherry Silent Red with 45 grams of activation force. However, these are options that the company sells on its website. Considering the hot-swap nature of this board, you can go for custom swaps without any issues. My experience with NuPhy switches has been fantastic and they are some of the best out-of-the-box switches I've experienced.

Like the Gem80, the NuPhy Halo75 V2 is tastefully built with quality materials across the board. The keyboard has an aluminum top plate, which gives it a heft and premium feel, it needs an ABS translucent bottom and a POM plate to ensure that the typing experience is as good as it can be. .

One thing I really liked about the NuPhy Halo75 V2 compared to the Gem80 is that it comes with an adjustable keyboard foot that allows you to adjust the height of the keyboard at two different angles. This is a very underrated feature, but for me, it's important because it allows you to mount the board on top of your laptop's keyboard if you're looking for easy access.

The top of the NuPhy Halo75 V2 is nothing fancy, hosting all the switches you'll need to switch between different modes and connectivity. The keyboard supports wired, 2.4GHz, and Bluetooth connectivity, so you're never left out.

One of the top additions that I think every keyboard should have is a small slot that allows you to place a 2.4GHz dongle, and the NuPhy Halo75 V2 comes with one. However, if you don't plan to use it, there is a nice rubber placeholder that the company has included, so you can always go for that.

I honestly love the overall fit and finish of the NuPhy Halo75 V2, which is something I've seen NuPhy do a lot. Every keyboard I've tested from the company screams quality. I also like the little magnetic badge that the company has included. It's also available on Gem80, and adds a nice touch. Considering how magnetic it is, you can always go ahead and create your own as long as you have the dimensions nailed down.

Now, one thing that NuPhy advertised about the NuPhy Halo75 V2 is that this keyboard comes with “over 9000x RGB perfection” and honestly, they weren't wrong. I've used a lot of NuPhy keyboards, as you can tell by the fact that I rave about them all the time, and this keyboard has not only the brightest, but the most brilliant RGB lighting. There is also what I have seen.

Now, keep in mind that the NuPhy Halo75 V2 has south-facing LEDs, which I'm not a fan of, but the way NuPhy has done it on this keyboard has more or less restored my faith in how lighting is done. Must go. . It's smooth, bright and vibrant. Also, auxiliary lighting is a sight to behold as it creates a glow on your desk that you really can't go wrong with.

I mean, for a second, I wanted to box my Gem80 and choose the NuPhy Halo75 V2 as my daily driver because its keyboard lighting is so much brighter than the Gem80. NuPhy clearly made the right choice here as the lighting looks absolutely stunning, and considering how the keyboard is QMK/VIA supported, there are plenty of effects you can go for, and you'll There will be no problem.

Speaking of auxiliary lighting, the NuPhy Halo75 V2 has a light bar running along the entire edge of the body, and can be controlled separately from the main lighting, well, it just adds more character to the keyboard. .

It's safe to say that if you're looking for an absolutely stunning RGB implementation, the NuPhy Halo75 V2 is definitely something that should be on your list. But don't let me stop you there. There's more to this keyboard than just beautiful RGB lighting. After all, it wouldn't be a NuPhy board without me raving about typing.

How does it type? Well, I haven't spent much time with this keyboard, but the moment I started typing on it, I realized that the NuPhy Halo75 V2 feels exactly like the Gem80. It's not just because I used the same switch that both types, but there was very little to differentiate the two keyboards, and I'm glad the company decided to go with that approach. . With the same attention to detail and care with the Halo75 V2, the company has ensured that those who don't want to go for a custom keyboard can get almost the same experience with a more affordable offering. You can check out a very short sound test below and see how similar these boards are in terms of sound profile.

With so much to say about it, is there any aspect where the NuPhy Halo75 V2 falls short? I honestly don't think so. Everything about this keyboard works as it's supposed to, and in some ways, it even surpasses the NuPhy Gem80, which, I believe, is the flagship keyboard the company has made. To present.

How do I justify this keyboard? Well, that's easy, aside from the fact that the NuPhy Halo75 V2 is a keyboard for those looking for the NuPhy Gem80 experience but don't want to spend the extra money or time on a custom keyboard, the Halo75 V2 has it too. It has its own personality, which can be seen in the fact that the RGB lighting on its keyboard wipes the floor with other offerings on the market. It has its own personality that makes it such a great option that you should consider.

In conclusion, I'll just say that the NuPhy Halo75 V2 is just another keyboard that shows how NuPhy has established itself as one of the best companies on the market when it comes to customizing and Talks about pre-built keyboards. Even if they start marketing them as gaming keyboards, I wouldn't mind just because of the typing experience these boards provide. They look great out of the box, have some of the best fit and finishes I've seen on any keyboard, and they easily provide a better value than anything else on the market. I don't think you can go wrong with a NuPhy board.

The NuPhy Halo75 V2 takes all the best bits of its larger, customizable sibling and adds its own personality on top with stunning RGB lighting, a great box typing experience, a variety of switch options, and a sturdy build that's sure to make your Will ensure typing. The experience remains the same.

  • Experience bright, vibrant and smooth lighting
  • Four switch options with maximum possible
  • Great sound and typing feel
  • QMK/VIA compatibility
Cons of
  • There aren't too many switch options on the website.
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