Nouveau's Lead Maintainer Reportedly Joins NVIDIA, Developing Open-Source Solutions

Nouveau's Lead Maintainer Reportedly Joins NVIDIA, Developing Open-Source Solutions

Ben Skaggs, lead maintainer of Nouveau's open source “Nouveau” Linux driver Allegedly Resigned his position, joined NVIDIA for something bigger.

Nouveau's involvement with lead maintainer NVIDIA means the company may be leaning toward an open-source approach.

For those unfamiliar, Nouveau is an open source graphic driver designed specifically for NVIDIA. The platform has seen tremendous growth over the past year, where it not only received NVIDIA GSP firmware support, but also completed a number of improvements, Including HDMI 2.1 integration, which is more remarkable. However, it seems that the platform's lead developer, Ben Skaggs, has decided to part ways with Nouveau and instead embark on a new journey with NVIDIA.

Interestingly, Noy noticed 156 patches uploaded after months of inactivity.which also added GSP firmware support and several other features. Ben's NVIDIA work email uploaded a set of patches, indicating that he has “officially” joined the big guns, but neither he nor anyone has commented on it. The official announcement has been made.

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While we're not privy to the reason for Bean's move here, it could indicate that NVIDIA may be exploring open source more broadly this time around, as the firm has been widely criticized in recent days for How its software assets hurt the open source community. loss. Bean's contribution has enabled the Nouveau Kernel drivers to be a robust platform for NVIDIA's recent GPU offerings such as the RTX 40, RTX 30, and RTX 20 series, so we can expect these to be the next NVIDIA on Linux platforms. Will continue for GPUs.

So with that in mind, it will be interesting to see what kind of developments Nova's ex-maintainers and NVIDIA come up with.

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