Noctua Introduces NH-L12Sx77 Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Noctua Introduces NH-L12Sx77 Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Noctua today introduced its new NH-L12Sx77 low-profile CPU cooler for compact, powerful yet quiet small form factor systems. The NH-L12Sx77 is a slightly taller version of the award-winning NH-L12S, offering improved cooling performance as well as improved motherboard and RAM compatibility. “Our NH-L12S is a popular choice for compact builds in cases like the Fractal Design Terra or Louqe RAW S1, but being only 70mm tall, RAM compatibility and clearance for taller motherboard components is limited. At the same time, many of these cases offer little extra space”, explains Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “This is where the new NH-L12Sx77 steps in: it uses this extra space to provide better compatibility and even better cooling performance, which comes in handy when building powerful gaming or productivity setups. “

With 6 instead of 4 heatpipes, the NH-L12Sx77 offers significantly more headroom for higher heat loads than the original NH-L12S. As such, it's ideal for getting the most out of today's high-end CPUs in compact cases where their aggressive TurboBoost modes are particularly difficult to handle. The NH-L12Sx77 not only improves performance but also motherboard and RAM compatibility compared to the original NH-L12S: due to the x77 version's taller build, clearance for RAM modules as well as motherboard heatsinks and shrouds can be significantly increased, making the cooler cooler. Easy fit in most configurations.

Noctua NH-L12Sx77 Low Profile CPU Cooler Noctua NH-L12Sx77 Low Profile CPU Cooler

Like the regular NH-L12S, the NH-L12Sx77's fan is pre-mounted under the upward-flowing fin stack, which is ideal in compact cases that typically have a perforated panel just above the cooler because the hot Air can be directly exhausted instead of being collected inside. Case. At the same time, this setup avoids influx turbulence noise that occurs when fans are drawing in air through perforated panels.

Noctua NH-L12Sx77 Low Profile CPU Cooler

At 77mm tall (7mm taller than the original NH-L12S' 70mm), the NH-L12Sx77 is a perfect fit for Fractal Design's Terra (with a maximum space configuration for the CPU cooler), SilverStone's Milo ML12 or Louqe's Excellent fit. The unique, award-winning RAW S1 chassis as well as many other cases that can't fit into the larger NH-C14S (115mm in low profile mode) or NH-D9L (110mm).

Suggested Retail Price: The manufacturer's suggested retail price is EUR 84.90 / USD 74.90. For more information, visit Product page.

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