No, It Does Not Fly: Corsair Demos '9000D Airflow' PC Case with 24 Fans

No, It Does Not Fly: Corsair Demos '9000D Airflow' PC Case with 24 Fans

Trade shows like Computex always bring out their oddities, and this year was no exception, with a highlight being a Corsair PC case with no less than 24 fans.

As one of a handful of companies offering truly large desktop PC cases, Corsair was showing off its newest creation: the 9000D Airflow. At 90 liters in volume – twice the size of a regular PC and 1.5x the volume of a typical car gas tank – the huge case is bigger than ever. In fact, it's big enough to hold two systems: a full-size ATX (or smaller) system, plus a separate Mini-ITX system.

The most attractive aspect of this PC case (besides its large size, of course) is that it can accommodate up to 22 fans in addition to two liquid cooling systems. As the 9000D Airflow name implies, all of these fans aim to produce maximum airflow. And yet, because there are so many fans inside, they don't need to run at high RPM to move the required amount of air, so the 9000D's airflow is quieter than its size would otherwise allow.

To simplify the installation of all these fins, the chassis includes adjustable mounting points on the sliding rail, making the case versatile for any construction needs. The 9000D includes two InfiniRail systems, one at the top (holding six fans) and one at the front, each capable of holding eight 120mm fans. Adding the fans on the sides and back brings the total number to 24. For those using 140mm or 200mm fans, the InfiniRails can be adjusted by opening and repositioning based on marked guidelines, allowing for a custom setup even with smaller fans. InfiniRail system flexibility enables unique fan placement, allowing the freedom to tailor the cooling configuration to specific needs.

The case design also includes 30mm of clearance behind the motherboard for efficient cable management, making it ideal for creating clean, organized, and powerful builds.

In addition to its fans, the 9000D Airflow also offers 11 drive bays, front I/O ports (four USB Type-A, two USB Type-C, audio connectors) with RGB lighting controlled by the iCue Link system. . The expansive design allows for compatibility and expansion of composite components.

Corsair's Airflow 9000D will be available later this year.

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