New Stream Deck and Wave Mic Among Five Products Announced by Elgato

New Stream Deck and Wave Mic Among Five Products Announced by Elgato

Elgato today announced Neo, a hardware line that merges high performance with plug-and-play simplicity. In total, Neo introduced five new products—a microphone, webcam, LED light, capture card, and stream deck. All five are designed to facilitate activities like video calls and live streams, working seamlessly on almost any system, including laptops and iPads. Meanwhile, Neo delivers the same high quality standards that Elgato is known for, helping creators and professionals present their best selves online. With prices ranging from $89.99 to $119.99, the Neo offers great value for anyone looking to upgrade their setup.

Starting today, all five Neo products are available to order online, with major retailers worldwide coming soon. To learn more about the entire Neo family, customers can visit Elgato's website.

“With Neo, we started with the fundamentals that consumers value most,” said Julian Feist, General Manager of Elgato. “Things like iPad capture, tap to mute, and accessible lighting control. Then we built the hardware and software around those basic needs.

“The result is a new type of Elgato product aimed at an evolving audience,” continues Fest. “An audience that doesn't want or need a complex tech setup, but just wants to be more professional and confident online. We're excited to see what these individuals can do with Neo.”

Wave New
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Great sound made easy. Unlike built-in laptop or earbud mics, the Wave Neo captures sounds with lifetime accuracy. Perfectly positioned with its extra tall desktop stand, the Wave Neo ensures listeners hear crystal clear sounds with minimal background noise. It goes silent with a quick tap and sets up in a snap on any system, including iPad, PlayStation and iPhone. It includes even more features, such as a foam pop filter, headphone jack, and cable management. Plus Elgato's WaveLink app, too, so presenters have the option to further fine-tune their sound. From meetings to voice chat, Wave Neo makes professional sound as easy as plugging in and unmuting.

The Wave Neo is available now on the Elgato web store for just $89.99.

Facecam Neo
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Soon anyone can turn on their camera with confidence. Facecam Neo is a plug-and-play webcam that outperforms the average built-in laptop camera. It captures daily meetings and live streams in Full HD at a smooth 60 FPS, so viewers see sharper detail and less motion blur. With HDR on, it makes presenters look clear even in challenging lighting conditions—like against bright office windows. Facecam Neo performs brilliantly out of the box, mounting naturally to monitors and setting up in seconds. It has a built-in privacy shutter, with a comfortable 77-degree field of view that puts faces, not the background, center stage. It even comes with a Camera Hub app, giving the option to customize photo settings like a DSLR if desired.

Facecam Neo is coming soon. Visit the Elgato web store to learn more and be alerted when it's ready to order.

Key light nine
Quality lighting is key to looking professional on camera. With Key Light Neo, presenters can make a great impression in their video calls, recordings, and live streams. Unlike home or office lighting, which can be harsh and emit unnatural colors, Key Light Neo creates a soft, even glow that flatters skin tones without straining the eyes. It features onboard controls, so users can adjust brightness and toggle between presets with one touch. The Keylight Neo mounts directly to the monitor to save desk space, with an optional ¼-inch thread that attaches to almost any rig. It's powered via USB, but shines even brighter when connected to wall outlets, up to 1000 lumens. It also comes with Elgato's Control Center app, to adjust lighting via computer, mobile, or stream deck.

The Key Light Neo is available now on the Elgato webstore for just $89.99.

Capture the nine in the game
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Creating great content has never been easier. GameCapture Neo is a no-frills capture card that helps gamers record or stream like a pro without the limitations of built-in console sharing. It sends two video signals from their console—one up to 4K60 HDR to a gaming screen, and another 1080p60 signal to a PC, Mac, or iPad via USB. It helps creators play the latest titles with true fidelity, capturing gameplay at the resolutions most used on Twitch and YouTube. Because it works with any video app, from QuickTime Player to OBS Studio, GameCapture Nu fits naturally into any creator's workflow.

Game Capture New is available now on the Elgato web store for just $119.99.

Stream deck nine
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The iconic workflow controller, reimagined for everyday tasks, no matter how small. This latest Stream Deck model features eight customizable keys and a sleek design that fits neatly on desks. It has an infobar to display the date and time, as well as two touch points that make navigating pages easier than ever. Stream Deck Neo makes painful routines fast and fun again, including:

  • Paste text
  • Browsing folders
  • Music arrangement
  • Navigating Slides
  • Mic audio is being muted.
  • Tracking stock

Changing actions and personalizing keys using the Stream Deck app, free for Mac and PC, is as easy as drag and drop.

The Stream Deck Neo is available now on the Elgato web store for just $99.99.

About the Nine Family
Neo hardware has much more to offer creators and professionals:

A style that impresses. With its neutral colors and friendly shapes, Neo fits naturally into any space. Its design helps minimize distractions and promote creativity, creating a harmonious look that flows beautifully across devices.
Green by design. Made from 60% or more recycled plastic, Neo marks a milestone in Elgato's sustainability journey. Its packaging is 100% plastic-free and uses less dye to reduce material waste and conserve water. Creating products that are not only better for the customer but also better for the planet.
Tech that works together. Life becomes easier when workspaces are connected. With Stream Deck Neo at the center of their setup, professionals can control all of their Elgato devices simultaneously to create fast, intuitive workflows. From audio to video to lighting, it's all at their fingertips—all from a single interface.

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