New 'Bluey' episodes are coming soon, but there's a catch!

New 'Bluey' episodes are coming soon, but there's a catch!

Amidst the tear-jerking journey of Super Size Episode “Sign” And jaw dropping The surprise at the end of season 3, blue Fans are worried that the beloved children's show is coming to an end. There was definitely one feeling At the end of these two episodes.

thanks, Disney+ has announced that a new slate of episodes will arrive this summer. However, they won't be standard seven-minute apps.

blue Creator Joe Brum – in association with Ludo Studios – is offering 20 minisodes, ranging from one minute to three minutes long. According to Disney+'s press release:

“Bluey Minisodes” feature funny and sweet moments involving Bluey and Bingo, leaning toward playful interactions and games that further explore Bluey's characters and world.

That's great news for kids who enjoy the childhood show's charming storylines, which center on canine sisters Bluevie and Bingo, as well as a playful pack of dogs. of the Adults who can't get enough of the Easter eggs Presenting important stories in the background of children's activities (Brandi is pregnant! Vinson's dad has found love! Who is Blue Baby Daddy?!There are sure to be new clues about our favorite canine characters.

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Disney also revealed how big a hit “The Sign” has been for the streaming service, sharing the 28-minute episode was the “most-watched” episode. blue and the Disney Junior episode premiere so far, with 10.4 million views,” per Nielsen streaming content ratings and Disney internal data.

While these new mini-sodes are slated for July, it looks like Disney will be playing for the long form. blue Stories too. And appears on the Brim board. Addressing. Guardian The illusion of a “sign” teased the possibility of one blue film, saying, “I like the idea of ​​doing something longer, so we'll see how it goes down. Maybe a film, who knows? It's a good way to test the waters.”

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