NEC X Unveils Seven Transformative Startups for Elev X! Ignite Cohort Batch 11

NEC X Unveils Seven Transformative Startups for Elev X! Ignite Cohort Batch 11

NECX, the Silicon Valley-based innovation accelerator and venture studio backed by global IT leader NEC, has announced the selection of seven standout startups for its Elev X! Ignite cohort Batch 11. These startups were selected from a pool of more than 250 qualified applicants for their potential to disrupt AI, public safety, marketing, healthcare, and other emerging technologies.

Since its launch in 2018, NEC X has facilitated the launch and growth of more than 100 startups.

Elio X! Ignite offers a unique approach to the venture studio model, providing select startups with collaboration opportunities, funding, engineering expertise, extensive R&D resources, and comprehensive support services. The program is designed to accelerate entrepreneurs through the ideation and prototyping phase, enabling them to scale their innovative technologies globally.

NEC X President and CEO Shintaro Matsumoto emphasized the exceptional value provided by the Elev X! Ignite visionary ideas into market-ready innovations through a shared journey. The selected startups stood out for their outstanding teams, social impact, and ability to leverage NEC's extensive resources.

Startups selected for Elio X! Ignite Batch 11 are:

  1. AI VOBIS: A Transformational Startup Focused on Digital Health and Medical AI.
  2. Barricade AI: Uses multimodal generative AI to help first responders reduce reporting time and increase field presence.
  3. Jump AI: Offers an AI-powered integration platform for customized SaaS-to-SaaS integration, enabling startups to rapidly integrate tools with usage-based pricing and automated maintenance .
  4. Metapyxl: Elevates digital rights management by empowering creators and businesses to secure content, embed direct purchase links in images, and leverage analytics for higher engagement and reach. .
  5. OwlVision: Develops an AI/ML-powered co-pilot using machine vision to increase situational awareness, reduce collision risk and address challenges in aviation infrastructure.
  6. Talentlabs.ai: Provides customized deep AI intelligence to automate the recruiting process and rapidly identify ideal candidates.
  7. UpendNow Inc.: Offers a SaaS platform for optimizing the pre-production workflow of advanced videos and films through automated ideas and strategies using creative AI.

Members of Elio X! Access NEC X's ecosystem of startup resources and services, including funding, mentoring, cutting-edge technologies, workshops, skill development, and strategic support.

This comprehensive collaboration helps startups develop minimum viable products (MVPs), validate proof-of-concepts (POCs), engage customers, secure funding and thrive in today's competitive startup landscape. Enables

NEC X has seen significant growth since its inception, with applications for Elev X increasing by 72%! Ignite cohort Batch 10. Previous graduates of the program include successful startups such as Metabob, eCommerceInsights.ai (Indellia), Beagle Technology, NavigateIO, Flyhound, Qualitative Intelligence, and WeWalk.

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