MSI To Launch MAG PANO PZ PLUS Chassis Next Month Featuring Back-Connector Design

MSI To Launch MAG PANO PZ PLUS Chassis Next Month Featuring Back-Connector Design

MSI plans to debut its latest “MAG PANO” series of cases this month, packed with advanced features and support for back connector connectivity. As back connectors become increasingly popular, only a few retailers have introduced updated casing solutions to accommodate this standard. However, market share is gradually expanding, prompting MSI to unveil the latest iteration of its MAG PANO M100R cases. This version is larger in size and includes several new features aimed at increasing access to back connectivity.

During a conference hosted by MSI in China, it was revealed that the company is preparing to release the MAG PANO 100L PZ PLUS PC chassis. This new model not only adds the “Plus” designation to its name, but also adds several additional features.

The MSI MAG PANO 100L PZ PLUS is expected to launch in two color options: black and white, both featuring a larger size than the standard models. Additionally, it has been revealed that the Plus cases will accommodate larger E-ATX motherboards, which could lead to further adoption once E-ATX motherboards with back connectors become available on the market.

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The MAG PANO series is famous for its design, and while some may claim, it bears a striking resemblance to HYTE's Y series chassis, especially with the 270-degree panoramic display on the front, which makes its own on any desk. Shows presence. However, the PLUS variants will introduce a dual-chamber design and offer the flexibility to mount GPUs vertically and horizontally. This spacious case can accommodate up to ten fans, with sizes of 160mm and 120mm.

MSI has yet to reveal the pricing of its upcoming MAG PANO PLUS models, but it's fair to assume a higher price tag than the standard variants. The MSI MAG PANO M100R PZ is currently listed on Amazon US for $109.99, suggesting that larger Plus models may sell in the $150 to $200 range.

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