MSI To Launch MAG PANO PZ PLUS Chassis Next Month, Bigger & Better With Back-Connector Design

MSI To Launch MAG PANO PZ PLUS Chassis Next Month, Bigger & Better With Back-Connector Design

MSI is all set to launch its latest.Meg Pino“A series of cases supporting back connector connectivity with advanced features this month.

MSI's new MAG PANO PZ PLUS chassis targets bulkier builds, supports E-ATX motherboards, back connectors and up to 10 fan configurations.

With back connectors gaining mass market adoption, few retailers have stepped up and offered innovative casing solutions to support the standard. However, the segment is slowly growing, and now MSI plans to launch the next iteration of its MAG. The PANO M100R cases, this time with a much larger size, with several new additions to make back connectivity more accessible than ever.

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At a conference organized by MSI in Chinait was revealed that the company will soon launch the MAG PANO 100L PZ PLUS PC chassis, which will not only add “Plus” to the naming scheme, but will also add a number of features to the new models.

The MSI MAG PANO 100L PZ PLUS is expected to debut in two different shades, black and white, and with that, both are bigger than the regular models feature. Additionally, it has been revealed that Plus cases will also support larger E-ATX motherboards, boosting adoption if E-ATX motherboards with back connectors hit the markets.

The MAG PANO series is quite famous for its design, and while you could argue that, I like HYTE's Y series chassis to dominate the table, with a 270-degree panoramic display on the front. Is. Regardless, the PLUS variant will feature a dual-chamber design and help the GPUs grow vertically and horizontally. You can fit up to ten fans with this huge case, which supports 160mm and 120mm.

MSI hasn't revealed pricing for its upcoming MAG PANO PLUS models, but ballpark guesses are that it will cost a lot more than what the regular variants are going for. The MSI MAG PANO M100R PZ is listed for $109.99 on Amazon US, and you can expect the larger Plus models to retail around the $150-$200 margin.

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