MSI Says Its More Focused On NVIDIA RTX GPUs Than AMD Radeon, Red Team Relevant In Motherboards

MSI Says Its More Focused On NVIDIA RTX GPUs Than AMD Radeon, Red Team Relevant In Motherboards

MSI seems to be focusing more on NVIDIA's RTX GPUs than AMD's Radeon GPUs as the company focuses on products with high consumer interest.

MSI wants to focus more on NVIDIA RTX GPUs than AMD Radeon since they are more popular among gamers.

The debate over MSI's GPU portfolio then began. Hardware unboxed Created a post on X that highlighted the manufacturer's AMD Radeon GPU portfolio. It was reported that MSI has been completely removed from AMD's Radeon 7000 series and all of their current products have been discontinued, but that's not the whole story.

MSI is one of the three major AIB partners of NVIDIA and AMD. The company has offered diverse products for both camps in the past. It was really late for MSI to come out in the form of their AMD Radeon RX 7000 GPUs. Radeon RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT But they did launch them and they are currently available at US retailers.

These retailers may have the last remaining stock of these GPUs but there is no official confirmation regarding the discontinuation. The last of the MSI RX 7000 GPUs was the Radeon RX 7600 and the company hasn't introduced an RX 7800 XT or 7700 XT model, but the reason is a bit different.

MSI, like many other AIBs, has to work with small margins on GPUs and has to decide if a product makes sense for them and if there is enough market demand.

Aside from the Radeon RX 7900 GRE, which recently saw a global release, the RX 7800 XT, RX 7700 XT, and RX 7600 XT were all positioned in the sub-$500 US price range, but it's NVIDIA's RTX 40 GPUs and up. Also looks like old RTX0. / RX 6000 GPUs have been more popular among gamers. Following are the Radeon RX 7000 GPUs offered by MSI:

This is the reason why the company is only focusing on other products instead of exiting the AMD Radeon bandwagon. This seems to be confirmed in the response provided by MSI. Hardware Lux:

When it comes to graphics cards, our focus is actually more on RTX cards. Nevertheless, cooperation with AMD is important and very relevant for us. We see very positive developments especially in the area of ​​main boards.

MSI Rep to Hardware Luxx

MSI is indeed a major player in the AIB segment but we've seen AIBs drop specific brands before for similar reasons or as partnerships with major GPU vendors. XFX only went to AMD at the time. ASRock, despite offering both AMD and Intel GPUs, has yet to get on board the NVIDIA train but the company said it plans to go that route when it makes sense..

Similarly, there are reports of several small-scale AMD AIBs going out of business or going bankrupt due to weak sales in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in China.

MSI is not saying that they will stop offering AMD Radeon GPUs but they are focusing more on the NVIDIA RTX lineup so if the demand for AMD GPUs increases in the future, we will look to the vendor. You can see more options from The company will continue to offer AMD motherboards as they are in great demand but AMD is and will remain “highly” relevant to the manufacturer.

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