MSI Introduces New Innovative Magnetic Cableless PC Fans

MSI Introduces New Innovative Magnetic Cableless PC Fans

MSI unveils the MPG EZ120 ARGB fan series, designed for easy PC assembly with its cable-free, magnetic design. This lineup features MSI's exclusive JAF 7-pin header, integrating ARGB and system fan connections for clean cable organization. With 33 LEDs on both the blade and frame, it enhances the visual appeal of panoramic PC cases. Notably, the MPG EZ120 ARGB Fan Series boasts magnetic connector blocks, which facilitate connection by securely delivering power and signal to fans. With magnets added to each fan frame, assembly becomes a seamless process.

The Fan series integrates an upgraded fluid dynamic bearing system, reinforced with an additional fixing nut to reduce vibration and noise while increasing stability. With a copper tube integrated into the bearing design, it increases resistance to scaling, offers high mechanical strength, and ensures long-lasting performance.
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Designed for versatility, the MPG EZ120 ARGB fans specialize in meeting the needs of both AIO liquid coolers, which require high air pressure, and chassis heat dissipation, which require high airflow. . With a 9-blade configuration, these fans can deliver up to 2.56 mmH2O air pressure and 73.82 CFM airflow, ensuring superior cooling performance in a range of PC setups.
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MSI provides versatile choices with its bundle of three fans, which includes a fan control hub and a daisy-chain cable for extended expansion and adaptability. The hub can accommodate up to 18 MPG EZ120 ARGB fans on four expansion ports, allowing for customization of airflow and lighting. A daisy-chain cable streamlines cable routing, particularly beneficial for fans on the rear I/O of the chassis, addressing potential compatibility concerns with motherboard fan headers.


Source: MSI

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