MSI Claw “Intel Core Ultra” Handheld Drops Down To £599 In UK, 25% Below MSRP

MSI Claw “Intel Core Ultra” Handheld Drops Down To £599 In UK, 25% Below MSRP

The MSI Claw, an Intel Core ultra-powered gaming handheld, has seen a massive price cut from British retailer Currys to £599.

MSI's flagship “Intel Core Ultra” gaming handheld has finally dropped to £599 but still faces competition from other options such as the AMD Ryzen Powered ASUS ROG Ally.

The handheld markets have been quiet for a while now when it comes to reasonable discounts, and it looks like MSI has finally broken the silence, as their “Claw” handheld saw a 25% reduction from its original £799 MSRP. Is. The discounted deal comes from UK retailer Currys..

Interestingly, you can also claim a free copy of Skull and Bones under MSI's Laptop Spring Sale, making the deal even more attractive for consumers. However, the deal is only available at Currys, a popular UK retailer, so US and other customers can't take advantage of the package, at least for now.

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For a quick rundown on the specifications of the MSI Claw handheld, the discounted model uses an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H CPU, and is the fastest SKU with the other model featuring a Core Ultra 5 135H chip.

This Intel Core Ultra 7 155H CPU offers 16 cores and 22 threads, 24 MB cache, and runs at up to 4.8 GHz clock speed. The handheld has Intel's Arc Xe-LPG iGPU with 8 Xe-Cores and 2.25 GHz clocks. In terms of memory and storage, the handheld has 16 GB LPDDR5-6400 memory and 1TB storage capacity.

We won't go into too much detail, but if you're curious, You can read our detailed approach here.. As for the discounted prices, it's certainly decent, but I'd wait a bit here, maybe around the £500 mark, because it'll be a bargain from there. Competing with existing options like the ASUS ROG Ally that start at just $299 US. Currently. We're not sure if we'll see a similar decline in any other retail region, so we'll have to wait.

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