MSI Claw Gets Massive Performance Updates With Intel’s New Drivers

MSI Claw Gets Massive Performance Updates With Intel’s New Drivers

Claws have already experienced a decline. Price up to 25% From its initial cost. However, it struggles to compete with AMD-powered handhelds, which boast higher performance and are often available at lower price points. Klee operates on Intel architecture, using a Meteor Lake processor paired with built-in Archchemist graphics. While these graphics represent a significant improvement over previous Xe-LP GPUs, they still can't match the RDNA3's capabilities in low-power systems.

MSI is actively enhancing its handheld device to provide a smoother experience and better performance. They have introduced a new BIOS called “106”, which not only facilitates seamless updates but also eliminates the need for USB flash drives, a feature that is becoming increasingly essential for portable gaming devices. Is. The company has not disclosed any additional changes at this time.

MSI is now delighted to unveil the capability of Intel's latest ArcGPU driver, which, you'll recall, brings a significant performance boost to a number of DX11 games. The 101.5445 driver is essentially an improved and WHQL-certified iteration of this driver, including optimizations designed specifically for Manor Lords.

FPS charts scaled.

MSI claims that the Claw delivers “smooth gameplay” across the 100 most popular games on Steam. With the new driver, gamers can expect up to a 150% improvement in titles like 7 Days to Die, or a 50% increase in performance for games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Monster Hunter World.

Additionally, MSI is releasing its recommended game settings, which apply to most games where possible:

●User scenario: Extreme performance
●In-game resolution: Full HD (1920*1080)
●In-game graphic quality: Low
●XeSS (Xe Super Sampling): Performance (if available)
●V-Sync: Off
●FPS Limit: Off

Source: MSI

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