Montage Technology Initiates Trial Production of 7200 MT/s DDR5 RCD, Enabling Faster Speeds

Montage Technology Initiates Trial Production of 7200 MT/s DDR5 RCD, Enabling Faster Speeds

Montage technologyA popular chip solutions firm has unveiled its latest DDR5 clock driver chips, aimed at expanding the memory segment. It is as follows Announcement by Rambus In late 2023 it also announced its DDR5 RCD with support for up to 7200 MT/s.

Montage Technology's new DDR5-7600 RCD memory solution ensures fast and stable performance, transitioning to the next generation

(News for the newspaper): Montage Technology, a leading data processing and interconnect IC company, today announced that it has achieved trial production of first-generation DDR5 clock driver (CKD) chips for next-generation client memory. This new product aims to increase memory data access speed and stability to match ever-increasing CPU operating speed and performance.

Previously, clock driver functionality was integrated into Registering Clock Driver (RCD) chips used on server RDIMM or LRDIMM modules, which were not deployed on PCs. In the DDR5 era, as data rates increase to 6400 MT/s and above, the clock driver has emerged as an indispensable component for client memory.

Montage's CKD chip is primarily used on DDR5 client memory modules, including CUDIMM, CSODIMM, and CAMM, to buffer clock signals between the client central processor and DRAM, ensuring the integrity and reliability of high-speed clock signals. Increases

The chip conforms to the JEDEC DDR5CKD01 specification and supports data rates up to 7200 MT/s. It provides bi-directional bus address access and supports I²C and I3C interfaces. By configuring register control words, the chip can change its output signal characteristics to match different DIMM network topologies. Its power consumption can also be reduced by disabling unused output signals.

With the continuous development of AI technology, the era of AI-powered PC is fast approaching, increasing the demand for high data rate DDR5 memory. To further enhance the memory data transfer efficiency, Montage has launched the DDR5 first-generation CKD chip supply to the industry and successfully achieved volume production.

In the future, Montage will continue to work with ecosystem partners to jointly accelerate DDR5 memory development.

– Mr. Stephen Tai, President at Montage Technology

Currently, Montage is engaged in close cooperation with mainstream client CPU and memory manufacturers in the industry, providing mass shipments of DDR5 CKD chips to memory vendors.

News Source: Montage technology

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