Smart Mobile Phone Repairs Leicester

broken mobile phone

iPhone and Android repairs we can come to the rescue when disaster strikes with your mobile phone, we know you probably feel lost without your mobile phone, accidents happen or sometimes they just fail. We are experts in mobile phone repair, we stock components for the leading manufacturers including Apple and Samsung. We can replace screens, bring back to life liquid damaged devices, sort out charging issues.

Why get your phone or tablet device repaired by Woodgate Computers?

  • We guarantee all our repairs to be free of defects for 90 days
  • All our repairs are tested to manufacturer standards
  • We use genuine parts

What brands of smart phone do we repair? iPhone and Android

We can repair most makes and models of Smartphone in store (often within 48 hours):

We can help with iPhones, Samsung, HTC, Sony and other smart phones.

No matter what phone repair you need, we can help repair your smashed or broken screen, hardware issues (e.g. faulty camera, battery, microphone), software issues (e.g. frozen screen, factory resets, iOS crash), water damage, broken casing.

Tablet Repair

Broken iPad

We also carry out repairs to popular tablets including the Apple ipad and Samsung Galaxy range.

Repairs include

  • Broken or smashed screen
  • Faulty digitiser, non responsive screen
  • Charging issues and syncing issues
  • Camera faults
  • Not connecting to the internet
  • Broken plastics and housing

Leicester based iPhone and Android phone repairs.We also stock replacement chargers and accessories for mobiles and tablets. For Apple mac repairs Click for more details

How to properly charge your phone See Here