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Thought we would build a custom built pc with a difference and try something different, build a pc that is submerged in mineral oil.

You may ask how would that work? Simple really mineral oil does not conduct electricity, this allows all components to be competely submerged apart from the hard drive.

As a traditional sata hard drive has pin point holes it’s not fully sealed and would allow the mineral oil to penetrate the drive rendering it useless.

To overcome this issue if you look at the image carefully you will notice we have used a solid state drive which is fully sealed and works perfectly submerged.

You may have already observed we have completely stripped the power supply out of its housing to also prove that this is real no gimmicks.

We have installed Windows 7 to test the pc. Mineral oil Pc’s are not new, these type of Pc’s have been built in the past but usually in a full size fish tank. We have purposely used the smallest fish tank to see what we can get away with as the mineral oil is quite expensive.

You might expect the oil to keep the components running cool, but due to the small volume of mineral oil approximately 6 litres we have noticed the CPU clocking higher temperatures than normal. This is not ideal as it won’t do the components any favours and will eventually cause premature failure.

An option would be to use a larger tank but it would defeat the purpose of this exercise. Instead we are going to experiment with a peltier cooling modual, it’s basically a solid state refrigerator. We will update this page and report back our findings.


Finally you make be thinking what’s the purpose of this mineral oil custom pc? Nothing actually we just built it just to prove that it works.

We would eventually like to build another custom mineral oil pc with a twist, either build two side by side of a small tank within a large tank and have live tropical fish actually swimming around, how cool would that be?

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