Microsoft's April Patches Bring NTLM And VPN Crashes – PC Perspective

Just like the old rhyme goes

If you were responsible and installed KB5036893 for Windows 11 and were using a VPN, you might start seeing some very unwanted behavior. The April 2024 security update is causing VPN connections to fail. For many users. Both Home and Business and at this time Microsoft has not determined why. They are hoping to have some sort of update sometime this week, a possible cause and hopefully a fix. In the meantime if you're familiar with DSIM you can try to remove it by digging up the package name, not that Microsoft is being particularly helpful about which package it is. Since they decided to obfuscate the KB numbers of patches on Windows, this is your only option other than waiting. Keep in mind that you will be removing the entire package and not just the faulty patch.

The VPN problem also affects the servers, but Microsoft has added a bonus gift to your infrastructure.. It seems that last month's Windows Server security updates may cause NTLM authentication failures and overloads for some of them. Victims customers. If your infrastructure has a lot of NTLM traffic and a small number of DCs, then chances are you've already noticed this, if not you may be immune to this particular problem. As with the VPN issue, no root cause has been determined and so you can either uninstall the patch or live with it until Redmond figures out what's going on.

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