Micron Ships Crucial-Branded LPCAMM2 Memory Modules: 64GB of LPDDR5X For $330

Micron Ships Crucial-Branded LPCAMM2 Memory Modules: 64GB of LPDDR5X For $330

As LPCAM2 adoption begins, the first retail memory modules are finally hitting the retail market, courtesy of Micron. The memory manufacturer has begun selling its LPDDR5X-based LPCAMM2 memory modules under its in-house flagship brand, making them available on aftermarket storefronts. Timed to coincide with the release of Lenovo's ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 laptop – the first retail laptop designed to use memory modules – it marks the actual start of the modular LPDDR5X memory era.

of microns Low Power Compression Attached Memory Module 2 (LPCAMM2) modules are available in 32 GB and 64 GB capacities. These are dual-channel modules with a 128-bit wide interface, and are based on LPDDR5X memory running at data rates up to 7500 MT/s. This gives an LPCAMM2 a peak bandwidth of 120 GB/s. Micron isn't disclosing the latency of its LPCAMM2 memory modules, but it says LPDDR5X's higher data transfer rates compensate for the extended timings.

Micron says LPDDR5X memory offers significantly lower power consumption, with active power per 64-bit bus 43-58% lower than DDR5 at the same speed, and standby power up to 80% lower. Meanwhile, like DDR5 modules, LPCAMM2 modules include a power management IC and voltage regulating circuitry, giving module manufacturers additional opportunities to reduce the power consumption of their products.

Source: Micron LPDDR5X LPCAMM2 Technical Brief

However, it is worth noting that at least for the first generation of LPCAMM2 modules, system vendors will need to choose between modularity and performance. While soldered-down LPDDR5X memory is available at speeds of 8533 MT/sec – and with 9600 MT/sec on the horizon – the fastest LPCAMM2 modules for this year are 7500 MT/sec from both Micron and rival Samsung. Will run at speed. So vendors have to choose between the flexibility offered by modular LPDDR5X, or the higher bandwidth (and space savings) offered by soldering their own memory.

Micron, for its part, is projecting that 9600 MT/sec LPCAMM2 modules will be available by 2026. Although it is all but certain that faster memory will also be available in the same time frame.

Prices for Micron's flagship LPDDR5X 32 GB module $174.99while the 64 GB module costs $329.99.

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