Meta is testing an AI-powered search bar in Instagram | TechCrunch

Meta is testing an AI-powered search bar in Instagram | TechCrunch

Meta is stepping up its efforts to make its innovative AI-powered products available to more consumers. Apart from the test Meta AI chatbot on WhatsApp with users in countries like IndiaThe company is also experimenting with putting Meta AI into the Instagram search bar for both chat and content discovery with AI.

A search query in the search bar takes you to a conversation with Meta AI in DM, where you can ask questions or use one of the pre-filled prompts. The design of the prompt screen led Perplexity AI CEO Arvind Srinivas to point out that the interface uses a similar design to the startup's search screen.

But beyond that, it can also help you discover new content on Instagram. For example, A video on Threads User posted prompts You can tap on prompts like “beautiful Maui sunset reels” to find reels related to that topic.

Separately, a few users TechCrunch spoke to were able to ask Meta AI to find Reels suggestions.


This means Generative plans to harness the power of AI beyond meta-text generation and use it to surface new content from networks like Instagram.

Meta confirmed its Meta AI experiment on Instagram with TechCrunch. However, the company did not specify whether it is using generative AI tech in search.

“Our creative AI-powered experiences are in various stages of development, and we are publicly testing a range of them in a limited capacity,” a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch.

you can find over it of posts About Instagram Search Quality So, it wouldn't be surprising if Meta wanted to use generative AI to improve search.

Also, Metta would like Instagram to have better discoverability than TikTok. Last year, Google introduced a new perspective feature. Surface results from Reddit and TikTok. Earlier this week, reverse engineer Alessandro Palozzi noted on X that Instagram was working. An option called “Visibility away from Instagram”. Possibly to display posts as part of search engine results.

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