Meta is shutting down its Slack rival 'Workplace' — here's why

Meta is shutting down its Slack rival 'Workplace' — here's why

As Meta continues its pivot to AI and the Metaverse, there will inevitably be numerous products and features that will ultimately lead to the demise of the company.

Meta has now confirmed one of those products it's shutting down: Workplace, a private social network platform for companies. First TechCrunch Reported The news on Tuesday and Metta has confirmed this.

“We are closing Workplace from Meta so we can focus on building AI and Metaverse technologies that we believe will fundamentally change the way we work,” a Meta spokesperson said in a statement. It will give a new look.” “Over the next two years, we will offer our Workplace customers the option to migrate to Zoom's WorkView product, Meta's only preferred migration partner.”

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What is a workplace?

Workplace is a competitor to Slack or Microsoft Teams, so there are other similar options out there for companies that want to use a compatible service. However, Workplace essentially mimicked the feel of Facebook and provided a private social network-like platform for companies to communicate, which the alternatives did not provide.

According to Meta, the workplace will run until August 2025. At this point, Meta will put the workplace into read-only mode where users can still access what has already been posted. At the end of May 2026, about two years from now, the worksite will be completely decommissioned and all materials removed.

When the workspace closes, it will mark a 10-year run for the product. The product was launched in 2016 and was originally called Facebook at Work. In 2021, Meta announced That Workplace had seven million paying customers. However, TechCrunch reported that Workplace struggled in recent years as the product no longer aligned with the AI ​​and Metaverse-focused direction in which the company was headed.

Companies that have used Workplace for years are likely to have a lot of data stored on the platform, which they would like to protect. Meta seems to be announcing the shutdown two years ago.

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