MESA RADV Vulkan Driver Gets AMD's RDNA 4 “GFX12” GPU Support, Fueled By Valve's Engineers

MESA RADV Vulkan Driver Gets AMD's RDNA 4 “GFX12” GPU Support, Fueled By Valve's Engineers

gave Open source MESA's RADV driver on Linux AMD's upcoming “GFX12” RDNA 4 GPU architecture has begun qualifying.

The open source MESA RADV Vulcan driver is now starting to compete with AMD's official driver for RDNA 4 “GFX12” GPU support.

Linux has seen a big influx of AMD's upcoming RDNA 4 GPU content on the platform, with AMD Completing a recent merger request For large patches that contribute to supporting architecture. Additionally, it appears that Linux open source developers, such as Valve engineers, have now started pouring RDNA 4 content onto the highly popular RADV Vulcan driver, ensuring full functionality during the official launch. .

With the new update brought to MESA's RADV VULKAN, the driver sees support for the GFX12 “RDNA 4” GPU assembler, along with minor changes to ensure architecture support. The merge request was opened by RADV developer Samuel Petoiset from Valve, and here's what the request says:

A bunch of context registers migrated to GFX12 and this MR includes small changes to make it easier to add GFX12 support.

By Phronics

MESA's RADV driver has been on top lately when it comes to hardware support. It also enables and improves several features for a better experience than the official AMDVLK. We recently revealed how the driver looked Faster ray tracing performance For RDNA GPUs, which not only provides a massive performance boost but also makes it a viable alternative to mainstream options, the MESA team is committed to ensuring full support on Linux for current and future products. is active for

At this rate, it is expected that RDNA 4 “GFX12” GPU hardware support will drop with MESA's 24.2 quarterly update. If we see an official launch in the later quarters of 2024, Linux may be all set to host new GPUs with full capabilities. gave Previous ROCm patches Also exposed are two SKUs, the GFX1201 and GFX1200, which are said to be the Navi 48 and Navi 44 dies.

AMD RDNA Generational GPU Lineup

Radon lineup Radeon RX 5000 Radeon RX 6000 Radeon RX 7000 Radeon RX 8000
GPU architecture rDNA 1 rDNA 2 RDNA 3 / RDNA 2 rDNA 4
Process node 7 nm 7 nm 5nm/6nm 5nm/3nm?
GPU family Navi 1X Navi 2X Navi 3X Navi 4X
Flagship GPU N/A Navi 21 (5120 SPs) Navi 31 (6144 SPs) Navi 41 (cancelled?)
Advanced GPU Navi 10 (2560 SPs) Navi 22 (2560 SPs) Navi 32 (4096 SPs) Navi 48 (4 SEs?)
Mid-range GPU Navi 12 (2560 SPs) Navi 23 (2048 SPs) Navi 33 (2048 SPs) N/A?
Entry-tier GPU Navi 14 (1536 SPs) Navi 24 (1024 SPs) Navi 34 (1024 SPs)? Navi 44 (2 SEs?)

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