MESA RADV Vulkan Driver For AMD Radeon GPUs Gets Vulkan Video H.264 & H.265 Encode Support

MESA RADV Vulkan Driver For AMD Radeon GPUs Gets Vulkan Video H.264 & H.265 Encode Support

MESA's open source RADV Vulkan driver for Radeon GPUs. Observed the integration of Vulkan video accelerated encoding.Leads to faster video acceleration times on Linux.

MESA's RADV driver positions itself to be a viable alternative to AMD's counterpart, bringing H.264/H.265 encoding support to Radeon GPUs.

The MESA RADV Vulcan driver has seen some great improvements within the last year, though Adding RT performance Or even Many improvements Which has greatly improved the platform compared to before. Additionally, MESA has again decided to integrate another impressive feature, Vulcan Video, with the RADV driver, resulting in increased encoding and decoding tasks in video processing applications. Is.

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For those unfamiliar, Vulkan Video is a collection of several APIs that allow for hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding on compatible GPUs. Compared to traditional software acceleration, Vulcan Video is a much higher performer, which is why its debut in RADV means so much to developers on AMD platforms. It also allows for optimization opportunities depending on the use cases.

A five-month-old patch from MESA developer David Earley, which supports 264/H.265 Vulkan video encoding, has seen its integration into the 24.1 version of MESA. Here's what the merge request says:

It adds vulcan video encoding to radv for h264/5 under vulcan extensions.

To enable vulcan video encode, build mesa with -Dvideo_codecs=h264enc,h265enc then run radv with RADV_PERFTEST=video_encode.

MESA's RADV driver has reached an excellent stage of refinement, putting itself on par with AMD's official driver on Linux. Continuous updates after waves of improvements to RADV have allowed developers and users to be more “free-handed” with multiple assets, and MESA's open source path is driving the whole process.

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