Mark Zuckerberg’s makeover: midlife crisis or carefully crafted rebrand? | TechCrunch

Mark Zuckerberg’s makeover: midlife crisis or carefully crafted rebrand? | TechCrunch

On the occasion of Mark Zuckerberg's fortieth birthday, his wife gave him a Photo shoot.

Zuckerberg gives the camera a sly smile as he sits amid carefully crafted recreations of his childhood bedroom. It's appropriately childish — a lava lamp, a participation trophy, a white stuffed dog — yet the environment will create the culture-changing, technological force Zuckerberg will create. Amid thick tomes on C++, Java and Windows 95, we come across a framed, sepia-toned photo of a young Zuckerberg, posing in his desk chair just as he is now. : One arm draped over the back of his office. chair, the other hanging over his open legs.

This series of photos taken at various stages in the CEO's life shows how far Zuckerberg has come: Once a nerdy kid learning to code, he's now one of the world's richest men. There is one… but it is not the main way that people benefited. Image. Instead, they ask the question: Does Zak have it? Drip?

For the first time in his life, Zuckerberg seems a little too cool for all the retro tech stuff. A thick gold chain hangs around her neck, but it's not long enough to cover the large, gothic-style text on her graphic tee: Carthago Delinda estor, Carthage must die..

The sudden change in Zuckerberg's style is noticeable – for almost thirteen years, he's been wearing the same thing Gray shirt and jeans Mostly in public appearances, because of course, he's focusing on big issues beyond the understanding of us commoners, who aren't so rich, because we spend so much time just dressing up. In April, when Zuckerberg posted a Instagram reel Regarding updates to the MetaAI assistant, onlookers relied on Zuckerberg's fratboy-esque chain rather than the intricacies of the Lama 3 model. Someone changed the image of Zuckerberg's video and added one. Beard On his face, and it went viral, because he looked amazingly good! And now, the top comments on the video plead with her to grow out her facial hair.

recently High profile wedding in India, Zuckerberg wore a beaded Alexander McQueen suit, which he wore the next day with a luxurious organza shirt by Rahul Mishra, one of India's top designers. The shirt is so intricately embroidered that it is priced at “Request a quoteOnline, like it's fresh-caught lobster at a high-end restaurant. Sporting his bright, tiger-embroidered shirt, Zuckerberg was photographed with Bill Gates, an outfit that would have been permissible under my elementary school's dress code.

Zuckerberg's clothing choices may seem frivolous, but they influence how the public views him and his business. That's not something to take lightly when you're the CEO of one of the biggest tech companies in the world, especially one that's been raked over the coals. Child protection Problems and addictive design. If Zuckerberg is suddenly a fashionable MMA fighter profiting from our personal data, can this soft style protect him from scrutiny?

“Personal style is a communication tool,” says Amber Vansbox, fashion blogger-turned-shopping platform founder. LTK, told TechCrunch. “We have spoken and written communication, we have body language, and we have 'drip' – our appearance says a lot about us and affects the way people think of us.”

This is not the same man we saw watching. the ghost And he testified before Congress about Facebook's potential to undermine the election process. Just remember two years ago When we all laughed at that photo of Metaverse Zak in front of the Eiffel Tower? And now, we're thirsty for his non-existent beard? Zack's brilliance happened as quickly as we stopped caring about Horizon Worlds. Now, he is one Buff MMA Fighter WHO humblebrags About running a 21 minute 5K on Instagram. He no longer looks like the kid who was bullied in high school, but the kid who would be bullied.

“Maybe he stopped caring,” Avery Trafelman, a Podcaster and fashion historian, told TechCrunch. “She's like the post-reputation era of Taylor Swift.”

Comparing Trufelman to an extraordinarily powerful computer science geek and record-breaking pop star seems like a stretch, but in an age when tech companies control our attention spans for hours on end, the tech CEO is one of a kind. He is a famous person.

The most dominant celebrities, like Swift and Beyoncé, rarely speak to the press. They are not needed. Instead, fans sift through the lyrics for cryptic messages as if they were Talmudic scholars closely reading ancient texts. It's not too different from techies listening to Meta's quarterly earnings calls, studying the rare insight we get into how Zuckerberg talks about his empire.

“It's become such a fashionable discourse — image decoding, or armchair psychology,” Trafelman said. “Should it make that much of a difference? I don't know. But I think especially for big, intimidating public figures, it's one of the few windows we have into their inner workings, and So we are trying to use it in every possible way.

Zuckerberg just didn't wear it. Carthago Delinda est The shirt because it looks cool. The phrase is a nod to the CEO's early days as a fledgling startup founder, who reminds us in his photo shoot that he slept in a bare-bones bedroom with a mattress on the floor until (Sure, they could do it.) Just get a bed frame and some light decorations second-hand, but then they won't be able to glamorize their Sigma grindset in a definitive 40th anniversary photo shoot).

The antagonistic nature of his old bedroom, as well as his nod to the destruction of Carthage, positioned Zuckerberg as a rebel against the tyranny of legacy tech companies. According to Business InsiderZuckerberg announced. Carthago Delinda est On Facebook in 2011, when Google launched Google+, which was considered the Facebook killer at the time. Zuckerberg puts his team into “lockdown mode” — another onefar off” In his photo shoot, Swiftin is shown to use the term – where he works tirelessly to help his team beat their rivals.

This Latin phrase comes from the ancient Roman statesman Cato the Elder, who ended all his speeches by defeating Carthage. But Rome wasn't exactly the underdog during the Punic Wars, and Zuckerberg isn't an underdog either – the Republic won all three wars, but it wouldn't rest until Carthage was completely wiped out. It's a bit more violent than a saying “move fast and break things”, but then again, Google+ doesn't exist anymore. It worked.

Zuckerberg's desire to cement himself in the history of American business is evident in his photo shoot. In one photo, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates sits awkwardly, sitting in a small chair with Zuckerberg in a model of the Harvard dorm where he launched Facebook.

The picture is disturbing. Gates is dressed like he's going for a run in sweats, gym shorts, Adidas sneakers and tube socks. Zuckerberg, sitting in a high chair, appears to be holding court over the tech icon. Currently, Zuckerberg is wealthier than Gates.

Zuckerberg has always understood that he cannot take Meta's dominance for granted, nor can he be complacent about his place in the company – the board is set up so that Mark is never forced against his will. Cannot be accessed. Its bloodthirsty T-shirt slogan still applies: Right now, Metta's biggest competitor, TikTok, is Fighting for his life.

The meta is riddled with reminders that it's hard to stay on top forever – just look at its massive stock dip in 2022, when it became clear that Zuckerberg's grand metaverse plans weren't as inevitable as he made them out to be. what was One such reminder is embedded in the entrance of the company's corporate campus. When the company first set up shop in Menlo Park, it placed an entrance sign from Sun Systems, the lot's previous tenant. The company simply rotated the sign and slapped Facebook's “thumbs up” on it, intentionally leaving the SunSystems logo visible on the back.

“I've always thought it's very poetic to keep these reminders of the rise and fall of empires, and clearly, Zak has that. Ozymandias mindset,” Trufelman said. “I think he definitely sees his place in the realm of history.”

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