Loongson Unveils Next-Gen 3B6600 & 3B7000 8-Core CPUs: Up To 3.5 GHz, LG200 iGPU & Near Intel 10th Gen Performance

Loongson Unveils Next-Gen 3B6600 & 3B7000 8-Core CPUs: Up To 3.5 GHz, LG200 iGPU & Near Intel 10th Gen Performance

Longsun has introduced its next-generation 8-core desktop CPUs, the 3B6600 and 3B7000 CPUs, for the Chinese domestic market.

Longson is confident in its Dragon architecture, claiming to match x86 and ARM standards with its 3B6600 and 3B7000 8-core CPUs.

At a conference in Beijing, Longsun Vice President Zhang Jie revealed that the company has made rapid progress with the intellectual property (IP) of its processors, and claimed that all the main cores of its CPUs are from a third party. Developed independently without relying on third party sources. The firm says that through its aggressive R&D efforts, it has been able to significantly excel in the field of performance data, and through its latest efforts, the company has decided to go a step further. .

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Longson says that when comparing his 3B6600 and 3B7000 chips with mainstream CPUs, they lag far behind in multi-core performance, but when it comes to single-core, the firm sees the difference significantly. But it has to be reduced. Longson says overall single-core performance has increased by up to 20x with their processor iterations.

At the same time, other springs have also seen notable increases, a credit to racial improvements at the base level. is said to be equivalent to a CPU. A single-core 3A5000 CPU that matches the first-generation Zen architecture in terms of performance While The latest 3A6000 CPU achieves the same IPC on a clock-to-clock basis as the Zen 3 and Raptor Lake CPUs..

Elaborating a bit on its upcoming chips, Longson has revealed that its 3B6600 CPU is for the mobile segment, with eight LA864 cores, clocked at 3GHz and integrated “LG200” graphics. However, for the 3B7000 CPU, Longson hasn't revealed much other than the fact that it will have a frequency of up to 3.5GHz and is likely for the desktop segment. The 3B7000 has several advanced interfaces, including PCIe 4.0, SATA 3.0, USB 3.0, GMAC, and HDMI.

Image credit: Livingson (Google Translated)

In terms of its integrated GPU architecture, Livingson has revealed that it will support OpenGL4.0 and OpenCL3.0 and debut with INT8 tensor computing acceleration, potentially enhancing the AI ​​computing experience. The iGPU achieves up to 256 GFLOPs of compute performance while a discrete solution based on the same iGPU can deliver up to 1 TFLOPs of compute performance.

With this, Livingson isn't just aiming to target the domestic laptop markets. The firm aims to dominate them with its “Dragon” architecture, as it sees it competing with the likes of x86 and ARM. The company is certainly excited with its upcoming products, and going forward, we can see Longsun dominating the Chinese markets, as they continue to improve on generational iterations. So we can expect these chips to hit retail soon in domestic Chinese PCs as well.

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