Look out Substack, Ghost will join the fediverse this year

Look out Substack, Ghost will join the fediverse this year

Newsletter Platform the ghost – A popular rival to rule Sub-stack – has confirmed it is joining Federated later this year.

This means joining the likes of Ghost. Mastodon, Instagram Threads, wordpress, Flipboard, and others, in the “federated universe”, consisting of decentralized social networks. Ghost founder John O'Nolan explained. A post on Threads that users are petitioning the federation, and asked followers to give their input on how it would work.

later on, The company confirmed that it will federate on ActivityPub, a popular protocol for running open networks, “to become part of the world's largest publishing network.” In its announcement, Ghost said users had to participate in closed social networks — “at the mercy of algorithms” — and that it was time to “take back control” online.

“The open web is coming back, and diversity is coming back with it. You can both publish freely. And Grow faster than ever with followers across the globe and the web,” the statement reads.

For these reasons, fiduciaries have gained momentum in the past year, but are still not quite common. As Mashable's Christina Silva explains., “Feedivers allows you to have an account on one service and post on other services.” From Silva's report:

In less basic terms, it is a collection of interconnected servers, also called instances, that run software compatible with a set of open protocols. The main purpose of FedEx is to allow users to communicate with each other across different platforms and servers and to maintain control over their data and identity because they are not giving it all to a single company.

Ghost said readers and users will have more power when the platform is federated: they will be able to like, follow and interact with people on other federated services, e.g. As, and will also be able to follow publications and topics of interest around the Internet.

To put it more simply, the platform compared the power of open networks to email: “Email, the original open protocol of the web, is used by more people than any other platform or social network that has been invented before or since; because it Shares Instead of consumers confronting them.”

These efforts on Ghost's part could pay off in more ways than one: already, many substack users are attracted to Ghost. As a result Lack of moderation on the former. Some major publishers and creators are on Ghost, including Platformer, 404 Media, and Quilette. Now with Federation, the reach and growth of publications on Ghost has the potential to be even greater, according to the platform.

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