Lofree Edge Review — An Engineering Marvel

Lofree Edge Review — An Engineering Marvel

gave Loughry flu I was totally impressed because I believed that low-profile mechanical keyboards couldn't get any thinner, more compact, and more stylish, but then the company decided to beat itself at its own game and sent me the Lofree Edge. . The profile keyboard, which is much thinner than the Flow, also feels much better in the hand, and provides the same, and in some cases, better typing experience. Is it the perfect low-profile keyboard? Well, there are some minor issues, but honestly, they don't get in the way of having an absolutely wonderful time with this keyboard.

The Lofree Edge can also be the perfect keyboard for office goers or productivity users.

So, let's start with the one thing that blew me away right after unboxing the Loughry Edge, and that was its thickness, or lack thereof. Fully built, the keyboard is just 5.4mm thick. It's magical compared to the Loughry Flow's 10mm thickness, which already feels very, very thin. I was a bit concerned when I took the keyboard out of the box, but from there it started to feel like a proper engineering marvel because Loughry didn't skimp on any of the materials used in the keyboard.

The entire construction of Loughry Edge feels as impressive as it can get. The keyboard is made of magnesium alloy and carbon fiber, using PBT keycaps. At just 490 grams, it's much lighter than some laptops and even other keyboards on the market and has almost no flex. I tried to bend his keyboard, and well, I'm glad I failed because it would hurt to see his keyboard go through any damage.

Another thing that contributes to reducing the thickness of this keyboard is that the Lofree Edge uses the next generation of Kailh POM switches compared to the 11.9mm height of the switches found in the Lofree Flow. Only 9.8mm long. This has allowed the company to reduce the travel distance to just 2.4 mm, allowing for a smooth and smooth typing experience. Speaking of typing experience, if you're wondering if a low-profile keyboard can feel good, this is the perfect proof. The sound profile is something that made the Loughry Flow great, and it remains the same with the Edge. I'm more than happy to tell you that this is truly the best-sounding low-profile mechanical keyboard I've ever laid hands on.

Now keep in mind that due to the somewhat proprietary nature of these new Kailh switches on the Loughry Edge, the keyboard does not offer hot swapping, and honestly, after spending time with this keyboard, I feel Turns out I don't want to change these switches at all. They feel smooth and almost luxurious. Speaking of luxurious, did I mention that magnesium alloy and carbon fiber make this keyboard one of the most luxurious pieces of tech you'll lay your hands on? I understand that this can make the keyboard feel unnecessarily expensive, but Loughry did it for the sake of making the keyboard lighter and, well, bragging rights. Even Apple wouldn't spend as much on engineering as Loughry has, and they've done a pretty good job.

Is there anything about Loughry Edge that I don't like? I realize that my experience with Loughry keyboards has been great so far. It's the best low-profile mechanical keyboard I've used for the simplest reason: It offers everything you'd want from a keyboard you're going to use primarily in a work environment. This is by no means a gaming keyboard, and should not be considered one. The low polling rate of the Bluetooth connection is not for gaming. However, the company has been considerate enough to include a cable that you can use for increased polling rates, so in theory, you could play on this thing, and it should work just fine. Would I like this keyboard to ship with a 2.4GHz dongle? Honestly, no, Loughry made this keyboard for an audience that wants to sit back and type without any hassle.

The typing experience on the Loughry Edge is unsurpassed, at least for a low-profile mechanical keyboard, and although the large hands make typing a bit difficult, I have no issues with the overall typing experience. was Concerned. Not once did I think I needed to go back to mine. NuPhy Gem80Which I believe is the best mechanical keyboard I currently own.

I like the Edge a lot, but I have a few gripes with it, gripes that could have been easily fixed. For starters, the backlighting could have been much better. The white backlight looks great on a keyboard of this type, but with the way the keyboard is designed and the fact that the keycaps are non-glare, you won't get much light, and if you're working are used to In a dimly lit environment, and your muscle memory isn't that great, you'll have some trouble using the keyboard. Another thing I don't like is the font on the keycaps – it's too futuristic, I understand, but I'm sure it should have had a cleaner looking font like Loughry Flow, but then again. , this is a design. choice, and it is more or less subjective as it does not hinder overall usability.

I have been using Lofree Edge since I received the package on 22nd of this month. I haven't charged the keyboard since taking it out of the box, and I've been using it constantly. It hasn't died on me, and the 2,000 mAh battery, while it may seem small compared to other keyboards, more than holds its own. I would highly recommend that you keep the backlight off, as it feels more like a vanity addition than something that brings a useful element to the keyboard's overall typing experience.

The Lofree Edge also has a configurator app, and while I wouldn't mind something like that given the nature of its keyboard, I believe the app is an overkill. Almost everything you could want from a keyboard can be done on the keyboard without any application, and I believe a keyboard of this size is good enough. You can shift between Bluetooth devices on the device, you can even shift from Mac to Windows using key combinations, and every media key is handled seamlessly. So, a software isn't something you'd want on its keyboard but it's included, which is always appreciated.

To conclude this review, I will be brief. Loughry Edge isn't going to win you any sports competitions, and that's okay because it's not designed for that. However, if you are looking for a keyboard that will allow you to efficiently complete your projects on time and provide an exceptional typing experience with great style, this is the one. You need to invest your money. MSRP is $249. A hard pill to swallow. I admit it, but the keyboard's build quality, fit and finish, and the way it lets you type so easily more than justifies what the Lofree is charging for it. Is. It's the perfect low-profile mechanical keyboard, and while it may not have been made for gamers, it's sure to make them wonder, “Why can't our favorite brands come out with something like this?” You can see all the details about Loughry Edge. Here.

The Loughry Edge is easily the most engineered mechanical keyboard out there. It looks great, feels great, and offers one of the best typing experiences you can go for. If you want a decent low-profile mechanical keyboard, this is the one you should consider.

  • Top tier typing experience
  • Lightweight and sleek
  • Beautiful in every possible way
  • Decent battery life
  • Easy to carry
Cons of
  • The backlighting seems like an afterthought.
  • The font may not be for everyone.
  • The software seems unnecessary.
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