LinkedIn now offers 3 online games

LinkedIn now offers 3 online games

Proceed, Wordle? LinkedIn is expanding its social media-like nature, now offering three online games to its users.

Its new games page has three options- Pinpoint, Crossclimb, and Queens – That first-degree connections can run concurrently or that individuals can test themselves. The company is marketing these games as a way to “challenge your contacts, speed up conversations and break the ice.”

“Turns out, one of the best ways to deepen and rekindle relationships at work is simply to have fun together,” the page reads.

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Games are different. Pinpoint, like most word of the three, is a word association game; Crossclimb is a small ladder “inspired by a small crossword”. And Queens is a logic based game on a grid.

LinkedIn seems to be reinventing itself, even the offering Vertical video feed like TikTok. It's still unclear how these changes are going to go down with its user base, but it looks like the platform is trying to offer more than just networking.

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