Lenovo To Expand Legion Go Handheld Lineup With Next-Gen Offerings, Teases APAC Official

Lenovo To Expand Legion Go Handheld Lineup With Next-Gen Offerings, Teases APAC Official

Lenovo has it. revealed plans for a next-gen version of its Legion Go handheld.Claiming that the firm will invest heavily in this segment.

Lenovo plans to expand its presence in the handheld markets with the next-gen Legion Go handhelds.

I Lenovo Innovate 2024 Conference, Clifford Chong, who is the gaming category manager for APAC, revealed in a chat with reporters that users can expect “Legion Go 2” from the company soon, given the success they have seen in the region. , as well as its immense potential. A special class of computing holds. Chong said the firm is actively developing new solutions and focusing existing engineering efforts to release the best iterations.

We're still putting a lot of resources into improving the current Legion Go over the past 6 months since launch. We've done a lot of experimentation since day one and are still engineering efforts to try to bring the next wave of features to the product.

It's definitely a product category that we see potential in and we continue to invest and we're looking at when the time is right of course to deliver even more features to the next generation.

– Clifford Chong of Lenovo

While the official did not reveal anything else about its next generation. Legion Gowe can only hope that it will be on par with the upcoming market offerings. The next iteration of ROG Alley. The Legion Go has witnessed good sales performance in the APAC region, and apparently, Lenovo has been the dominant player in the handheld segment. This is why the firm has plans to go deeper into the markets in hopes of establishing a wider customer base.

We're unaware of further details about Legion Go 2, so we can't comment on its potential capabilities or even launch details. However, based on how Lenovo played its cards with the Legion Go, we can only hope that the next iteration will be a lot more interesting. We also talked about several upcoming AMD Ryzen APUs that could be possible candidates for the next Lenovo Legion Go handhelds and its competitors. You can read more about it here..

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