Lenovo Legion Go Ryzen Z1 Extreme Handheld Discounted To $629

Lenovo Legion Go Ryzen Z1 Extreme Handheld Discounted To $629

The Lenovo Legion Go, which includes the Z1 Extreme, is currently offered on Amazon for a reduced rate of $629. Surprisingly, this price is lower than the $649 price tag on Lenovo's official US store for the same model. This markdown to $629 is the steepest discount since launch five months ago, when it was priced at $699.

Along with its AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, the Legion Go features an 8-core Zen4 APU with Radeon 780M RDNA3 graphics. Designed for low-powered gaming on handheld devices, this chipset offers a fresh and more robust architecture while contrasting with Valve's Steam deck, which uses RDNA2 graphics.

Lenovo Legion Go 5

As a result, Lenovo and ASUS, both leveraging similar APUs, were able to integrate screens with higher resolutions and refresh rates. Lenovo's 8.8-inch display actually positions it as one of the largest handhelds available. However, in this instance, users have the benefit of being able to separate the gamepads like the Nintendo Switch.

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While ASUS provides options for its ROG counterpart, offering models with Ryzen Z1 Extreme or non-Extreme processors, Lenovo has chosen to launch the Legion Go exclusively with the Z1 Extreme processor. Offering both 1TB and 512GB storage variants, the latter was initially listed by Lenovo for $699, while the former normally sells for $749. Currently, the 512GB model is discounted to $649 and $629.


The Lenovo Legion Go often sees the price drop to $649 every few weeks, yet this current markdown of $631 marks the deepest discount ever. It naturally challenges competitors like the MSI Claw, which are a fraction of the same price. We've already seen some price adjustments on claws, with discounts arriving. Up to 25% for this Intel Core Ultra powered handheld. However, for claws to remain truly competitive, what is needed is official price reductions across all markets.

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