Kristi Noem's other dog fears for his life on 'SNL' Weekend Update

Kristi Noem's other dog fears for his life on 'SNL' Weekend Update

SNLOf Weekend Update sets Christy Nome on fire. This week, with the help of a very nice (and very scared) dog.

A pick for South Dakota governor — and possible running mate Donald Trump — recently came under fire after her memoir described how she shot and killed her 14-month-old puppy. On SNLhis other dog (Marcelo Hernandez) tries to set a record by defending his master.

This other dog is also named Cricket: Cricket the Seventh. “The first six were bad dogs,” he tells Update co-host Colin Jost. But this cricket is completely behind Noam, who condemns the outrage over the murder of her dog—which, again, He wrote about himself – as “media spin”.

“Team Christy for life! For my very long life! Please! I love you Christy,” says Cricket.

As the segment progresses, Cricket's facade of loving Noam breaks down, revealing that he is actually afraid of the Governor. In a spur of the moment, Viral Talking Dog Buttons Be an outlet for cricket to express your true feelings.

“She's going to kill me,” he pointed out to Jost. “I'm going to die tonight.”

As for why Naeem would write about killing a dog in the first place? “He thought Trump would like it,” Cricket says with the help of Buttons. “But he has not been invited. Kill-A-Lago

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