Kendrick Lamar and Drake's rap beef is big business for content creators

Kendrick Lamar and Drake's rap beef is big business for content creators

Cultural events take on a familiar form in the digital age. There's the main story — in this case, the really vicious beef between rapper Kendrick Lamar and Drake — and then a whole array of tendrils that stem from that underlying event. The main thing, for better or worse, feeds the content ecosystem.

The Kendrick vs. Drake fracas has spawned a cottage industry of online backlash. Of course, beef is ruthless. Families are involvedthe alleged secrets are out, possibly False flag operations are at play, and serious criminal charges have been filed. have also been a lot Ways for creators to get involved, if not necessarily directly engage with messy bits of beef. There are tunes to analyze that affect the main. Reactions to various new tracks dropping.

In short, even something like a Drake vs. Kendrick beef — honestly, Especially Something like Beef — is an opportunity for creators to expand their reach. It's a natural fit for some because they are. in advance talking about it.

“I try to keep everything that's missing in the music,” Jordan BowlesA 21-year-old creator in Indiana told Mashable. “The first time I talked about Kendrick and Drake specifically, the beef, I called it after 'Euphoria' came out.”

The video quickly found its audience, shooting up to nearly 20,000 views.

But the war was far from over, as we all know. Bowles is the kind of TikTok creator you'd expect to jump into a beef. Scroll through his profile, and you'll find tons of posts about hip-hop, pop culture, and other little life observations you'd normally see on the platform.

Not to completely eliminate the fights between Kendrick and Drake, but there are Very Allegations back and forth – some serious and, importantly, unproven. Drake alleged domestic abuse, and Lamar came back with more, including accusations of pedophilia. Many outlets What is it An excellent job Breaking down the timeline of the beef. The consensus seems to be that Lamar “won” the battle with his renditions of “Meet the Grahams” and “Not Like Us.” which topped the streaming charts..

The fight is still going on online, though Kendrick and Drake have stopped. Bowles continued to post regularly as the track dropped, usually captioning the video while listening to the song. Like many others, he felt that Kendrick was winning the battle. He made a simple video about “Meet the Grahams”, noting that Drake should never have raised a family because he couldn't handle Kendrick's reaction. Bowles' most-viewed TikTok so far, it has received 4 million views. it is enough A creator who has just surpassed 18,000 followers.

It was a big moment for Bowles, who is trying to carve a lane as a creator.

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“My phone is going off, watch after watch. I'm checking every 10 seconds because I'm excited,” she said.

Some of his other videos on the feud have racked up anywhere from 60,000 to 900,000 views. All Big numbers for a micro content maker. His account saw a nearly 12 percent increase in followers after discussing the beef.

However, someone like Bowles is relatively small compared to other creators. A handful of celebrities have already focused on the Drake vs. Kendrick saga. Already one Popular and controversial Impressively, Kai Senat has racked up. Millions of ideas And, one assumes, a decent amount of beef covering. There are also creators like rappers. Screw Face Gene, which was already somewhat popular but, like Bowles, has seen its numbers grow due to its focus on beef. Most Viewed TikToks on his pagesome float around a million views, all about Kendrick vs. Drake, while his music and other hip-hop reactions show less engagement.

That's it, though. The creators who seem to be benefiting from the beef have had to earn it. They were in advance When this big moment came, it focused on the hip-hop space.

Bowles said, “I value my feelings and emotions throughout the whole thing. If people know you're into hip-hop, your ideas can be broken. For example, Bowles said that he found interesting and Tried to react based on opinion.

“Every diss that comes out, I listen to it three, four, five times before I write down some ideas,” he said. “And when I got myself together, I texted a few people to get different aspects of how they felt about it. Then I'd combine my thoughts.”

He would then summarize those thoughts via text and post a video of his reaction.

“It was a good recipe,” Bowles said.

These moments can be big business for creators — even if, again, we're talking about a vicious verbal fight that some worry about. encouragement Real world violence. Small creators like Bowles may be affected. To hawk products in the TikTok Shop (He turned down such offers). For someone like Cenat, the vast payouts come with viral YouTube videos.

While subjects Addressed inside The beefs are intense, the rap beef concept itself is a relatively low stakes but high interest topic for the creator. There's drama and endless fodder—think of all the tunes you can crack. It's like reality TV. Think of the reactions, theories, and amateur sleuthing that ensued A Scandalous Story from Bravo Vanderpump rules. At least in the digital world, it's an opportunity to react, take sides and find nuggets of information. You can effectively go through Kendrick's lyrics and Tom Sandoval's Instagram page with the same fine-tooth internet comb, even if the subjects are completely different.

In short, anything with drama is grist for the internet mill. As long as Drake and Kendrick are beefing, people will get feedback. For now, however, we're just waiting for the next song. there There are hints Something's brewing in Drake — get your ring lights and front-facing cameras ready.

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