Jonsbo Unveils A New Gen5 SSD Cooler, Featuring Dual Heat Pipe & 10,000 RPM Fan Onboard

Jonsbo Unveils A New Gen5 SSD Cooler, Featuring Dual Heat Pipe & 10,000 RPM Fan Onboard

Jonesbo has it. The unveiling Its latest SSD cooling solution is designed for Gen5 storage solutions, offering some insane cooling capabilities.

Gen5's latest M.2-7 SSD cooler guarantees optimal performance for Gen5 SSDs, crediting its large active solution.

Jonesbo is not new to this segment, as the firm previously unveiled “an unnecessary variant.” DDR5 cooling product With a bright white look.

During the Faster Gen5 SSDs, the need for suitable cooling solutions is increasing; Apparently, the M.2 heatsinks of the motherboards already included are not enough for users. In light of this, Jonsbo has unveiled a somewhat “beefier” M.2 cooling product, aimed at delivering the best performance results with today's fastest storage solutions.

Moving on to the features, the M.2-7 SSD cooler comes with an aluminum alloy heatsink that includes thermal pads with dual heatpipes covering both sides. This not only allows for efficient heat dissipation but also provides users with more durable durability as the pads are made of conductive silicone. Dual heatpipes ensure that no matter how fast the onboard SSD is, it's no match for the M.2-7 cooler. The cooler is compatible with both single-sided and double-sided drives.

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For the onboard fan, Jonsbo's M.2-7 SSD cooler comes with a 25 x 25 x 10mm fan with a rotation speed of 10,000 RPM. It also has several other air-circulating features, such as a static air pressure of 3.08mmH2O, which makes the consumption process much more efficient. Additionally, you won't have to worry about noise either as Jonesbo rates the noise level at 25.9dB, which is really in the perfect range, not too loud and quiet. However, we have noticed that some active cooling solutions are very noisy when running at higher RPM modes.

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Jonsbo has yet to reveal a price or release date for its M.2-7 cooler, nor have they confirmed regional availability. One thing's for sure, with Gen5 SSDs getting faster and faster, the need for such cooling solutions is also increasing. We recently reported how 14.8 GB/s SSDs are on the horizon. And they can certainly use such advanced cooling solutions.

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