Jim Keller Criticizes NVIDIA's Blackwell's $10 Billion R&D Cost, Says It Could've Been Achievable In $1 Billion

Jim Keller Criticizes NVIDIA's Blackwell's $10 Billion R&D Cost, Says It Could've Been Achievable In $1 Billion

Jim Keller has it. Interesting proposal on NVIDIA's Blackwell GPUsClaiming that the firm should have used an alternative cost-effective interconnection method.

Jim Keller believes NVIDIA could save billions in R&D costs on Blackwell GPU architecture.

Well, Tenstorrent CEO Jim Keller is known for tech products. Recently he called. NVIDIA's CUDA is a quagmire, too, so you can imagine how he pans out on social media. Jim has now criticized. Team Green's R&D budget for their Blackwell GPUs, claiming that the company would have saved billions simply by changing the interconnect method. You can see it in his tweet on X below:

In terms of Blackwell interconnect, NVIDIA has used its 5th generation “NVLINK” interconnect technology. Although NVLINK has significant advantages over other approaches in terms of bandwidth, latency, and scalability, it is held back by its “proprietary” nature, which cannot be matched by hardware from other manufacturers. .

Additionally, the use of NVLINK is said to be a high-cost move in industry dynamics, which is why Jim Keller has criticized it, particularly as it promotes an “open source” approach to markets. Yes, but NVLINK is the exact opposite here. .

Now, the alternative in this case is the Ethernet interconnect, which is a more cost-effective option and destroys NVLINK's proprietary status, ultimately providing a much better ecosystem, but in terms of performance figures. From, Ethernet needs a look. Things could potentially change here, as Team Green approaches NVLINK in conjunction with InfiniBand, but with UE (Ultra Ethernet) interconnects, which help standardize adoption, as UE enables efficient AI. And HPC guarantees performance. However, it is still in the development stage.

Jim Keller believes that NVIDIA's $10 billion in R&D spending on Blackwell is too high, and that the company could have reduced it significantly by simply changing the interconnect. Jim has been known to troll companies many times, especially NVIDIA, but his claim is somewhat plausible, as Blackwell's spending is simply outrageous.

But despite what you may say about the cost of NVIDIA's Blackwell AI GPUs, there's no doubt that demand for these chips is skyrocketing and even companies like Intel and AMD are dominated by NVIDIA. is having a hard time breaking through which has only accelerated with the announcement. of Blackwell.

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