iOS 18 Rumored to Add AI-Transcription for Voice Memos

iOS 18 Rumored to Add AI-Transcription for Voice Memos

Although Samsung and Google beat Apple to the AI ​​software punch, Apple has speculated that it is working to add artificial intelligence features to its products. A new rumor suggests that the next version of its iPhone software, iOS 18will add something its competitors already have: AI transcription of voice recordings to its Voice Memos app.

AI Transcript will provide running transcripts of voice memos as well as summaries, sources said. AppleInsider. It is supposed to work like a company. Live Voicemail feature It was introduced last fall in iOS 17. AI transcription and summarization will also be used in the Notes app, which will add audio recording in iOS 18. AppleInsider's April report. The feature will also come to the Voice Memos apps on MacOS and iPadOS.

If true, Apple would follow its competitors in incorporating AI transcription of audio recordings. Google has included live auto-transcription in its Recorder app for years, while Samsung's Galaxy AI, which debuted this year, Galaxy S24 phonescan translate conversations and summarize notes.

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According to other AppleInsider reports, Voice Memos auto-translation will be the first of Apple's AI features to be added to the company's software this year. AI abstraction is expected to bring other benefits. Safari to summarize web pages And Messages app to summarize Large communication chains.

Some of these features, including Messages, are rumored to run on on-device AI rather than in the cloud. This would be in line with Apple's emphasis on user data privacy, as using cloud-based AI requires personal information to leave the device, making it more likely that it could be intercepted or stolen from servers. can

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It is possible that Apple will announce this and other AI features at WWDC 2024, which is scheduled to start on June 10. Since the company typically uses its midyear software show to release the first public beta of its upcoming iOS version, we may see AI transcription in voice. followed by Memo or other AI-based features.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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