iOS 18 AI features are rumored to be ‘on device.’ But there's a catch.

iOS 18 AI features are rumored to be ‘on device.’ But there's a catch.

By now, you may have heard that Apple is making big moves in the AI ​​space to take on rivals like Microsoft and Google. His coming M4 chipset It's being built for AI for Macs and MacBooks. And, when it comes to mobile devices, the release is coming soon. iOS 18 There's going to be a lot of focus on AI, bringing new AI-powered capabilities to your iPhone.

According to Bloomberg's According to Apple insider Mark Gorman, Apple is also trying to continue its privacy-oriented ethos with its AI products — at least, where it can.

“As the world waits for Apple's big AI unveiling on June 10, it looks like the initial wave of features will be fully operational on the device,” Gorman wrote in his post. Power On Newsletter (Highlighted by the first (MacRumors). “That means the company's big language model doesn't have a cloud processing component, the software that powers the new capabilities.”

what is the meaning of this?

Basically, Apple seems to be continuing its commitment to user privacy by ensuring that your data stays “on the device.” Most AI platforms require your data to be sent to their cloud computer servers because generative AI models are typically resource intensive. If Apple stays the course, the company won't. Instead, it will use the iPhone's processing power to handle its AI features, meaning your data never leaves your iPhone.

One problem here is that newer iPhone models can also struggle to handle some particularly deep AI features. Some AI features may not be available at all on older iPhone models.

However, there seems to be a catch. Apple can only be fully committed to its user privacy standards for the products it makes. Given that Apple is relatively behind in the AI ​​race compared to its competitors, the company is looking to work with third-party companies to introduce its own AI products as soon as possible.

According to Gorman, Apple has discussed AI partnerships with OpenAI, Google, and even China-based Baidu. iPhone owners using iOS features powered by these companies' cloud computing infrastructure will see their data being sent from their device.

Apple is reportedly building its own cloud. Infrastructure to handle the AI ​​work, but according to these reports it doesn't look like it will be ready in time for the big iOS 18 announcement. And that's where these third parties will likely come from.

Again, all of this information is subject to change, but Grumman's reporting is reliable. Until Apple makes these announcements, nothing is set in stone of course and it will probably happen this year. WWDC in June.

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